10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 0

A lot of people love to use non-stick pans nowadays, but finding a good non-stick pan is not easy. Meanwhile, cast iron pan not only has natural non-stick properties, but it also has more benefits such as uniform heat transfer, good heat retention, better cooking, more than 100 years of durability, and safety. Here are 10 reasons you should own a cast iron pan.

Cast iron pan helps save cooking oil

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 1

Using cast iron pan helps you save a significant amount of cooking oil and control more properly the amount of fat in the body. At the same time, the cast iron pan helps to enhance the flavor of the dish, using a cast iron pan makes the dishes more delicious.

One of the reasons we use a lot of oil when frying in a normal non-stick pan is usually because the nonstick layer is not good. The bad anti-stick layer leads to the amount of oil getting absorbed inside the non-stick layer, so we often have to add a certain amount of oil.

So what about cast iron pans? Why cast iron pan helps to save oil and grease?

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For cast iron pans, when “oiling” for the pan at the first use, the fat molecules in the oil when heated will cover the surface of the cast iron pan, help fill the tiny gaps and help the pan harder. So when using oil for cast iron pans, it is not consumed but also helps to strengthen the pans natural anti-stick layer.

Cast iron pan keeps heat well and spreads heat evenly

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 2

Cast iron pan is made from iron alloy – carbon (also known as cast iron) – is the material that has the best ability to retain heat due to the dense density of metal molecules. Whereas most common pans made from materials such as steel, aluminum, copper often get hot locally in the middle of the pan, making the dish unevenly cooked, burnt, look unattractive, and making the dish no longer delicious, with cast iron pans, this problem will not occur.

It will be great for hot dishes when using cast iron pans because of their heat-keeping advantages. The pan is very suitable for dishes that need to be kept for a long time during service such as grilled salmon, omelette, grilled ribs, stews, braised, etc. You can serve the food right on the pan without needing for a dish or another bowl.

Cast iron pan is safe for oven

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 3

The best advantage of cast iron pans is that they can be used in the oven because they are completely made of cast iron. We not only can use them for many types of stoves, but also can completely put cast iron pans into the oven to process attractive food such as bread, grilled food. This advantage is also very convenient when you need to reheat food in the oven.

Many times more durable than conventional non-stick pans

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 4Choosing to buy a durable non-stick frying pan is always a problem for many consumers. However, in fact, the anti-stick layer of pans is often very fragile and easy to peel off, stripping during use. Stainless steel pans have excellent non-stick technology, the cost must be several times higher than cast iron pans and the longest time for use is also about seven years, or after a while, it must be removed.

As for cast iron pan when properly oiled, it can become your “intimate friend”, and certainly you can use cast iron pan from year to year and the cast iron pan still looks like when you first bought it.

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The more you use cast iron pans, the more durable they are

Cast iron pans are special because the more you use them, the stronger they become. Every time you put oil in a frying pan to cook or fry, one more time you “reinforce” and “oil” the surface of them, thereby they will be increasingly hard and firm with better resistance to sticking.

Reasonable price

One of the most affordable specialized tools. High-quality cast iron pans can be used for a long time without changing. Therefore, with its durability, the price of cast iron pan is reasonable. 

Cast iron pan can be cleaned easily

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 5

Many people think that it is difficult to clean cast iron items, learn how to clean cast iron pans easily below:

Step 1: Remove any leftovers from the pan, use a brush or a scraper and rinse with baking.

Step 2: Use a towel to dry the entire pan surface, put on the stove and then heat dry to dry the pan completely.

Step 3: Use a tissue paper with a little oil to wipe gently all over the outside of the cast iron pan.

You can use the pan on many types of stoves

“Can cast iron pans be used with the induction hob?” is a question many people are concerned about. So you do not need to worry because the cast iron pan can be used for induction hob, electric stove, gas stove, and even ovens.

A perfect kitchen utensil for all types of stoves, you can use cast iron pans in the oven, use heat source from induction or use directly with the fire of gas or charcoal without fear of warping or blistering like normal instruments.

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 6

Versatility, flexibility

Cast iron pans are loved by many people because they can be used for many different kind of dishes such as grilled, fried, stir-fried, all will be very delicious. If properly oiled, cast iron pans can process a variety of dishes such as baking, frying, stewing, roasting, etc.

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 7

The life of a cast iron pan is almost permanent

Cast iron pan for more than a hundred years is still new and can be passed down for generations. Surely you will be surprised to hear that the cast iron pan used from their grandparents life passed down. Even if you do not use it for a long time and accidentally let the pan become rusty, restoring the pan is still very easy.

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How to preserve cast iron pans?

Although the cast iron pan is durable, to make sure it is in good condition and usable from year to year, we need to use the pan properly with the following notes:

– Say no to cooking acidic foods like tomatoes, pineapples, vinegar, and wine because they can react with metals and create a lot of iron.

– Avoid using dishwashing liquid when scrubbing as they can damage the “hard-liners” layer on the surface of cast iron pots and pans that we have created by “oiling”.

10 reasons why you should own a cast iron pan 8

– Make sure that the cast iron pan is completely dry and clean after washing and never soak it in the sink. Remember that just a little water on the surface can lead to rust.

With the first use, the cast iron pan can make you a little surprised by the heavyweight. If you feel that you are still not used to using cast iron cookware to cook the dishes the way you want them to do with aluminum or stainless steel cookware, try to get used to them gradually and gradually to improve the problem. Lastly, dont be afraid to conduct “oiling” regularly, especially with new pots and pans. Each time you do so, the cast iron pan becomes increasingly durable as a favorite and very useful cookware in your kitchen.

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