Top 20 Smart Kitchen Tools to make the kitchen more handy

With the development of industry, Cookwares have also been upgraded to a new level, not only bringing maximum efficiency to women in the kitchen but also saving time and kitchen area and a lovely one too. Lets find out what Smart Kitchen Tools are!

Spring roller machine

With the development of industry 18

This is probably the tool every housewife wants to have in their kitchen. The machine rolls quickly and conveniently, you just need to put all the ingredients in the tool and pull the right to have the beautiful rolls, its done!

Vegetable peeler machine

With the development of industry 17

With pivoting spindle, knife and ergonomic design, a Vegetable peeler machine will save you time and avoid cuts when peeling fruits, tubers.

Cutting board with drain washer

With the development of industry 16

On the cutting board, we dont need to cut vegetables; we just need to take the basket and wash it. The combination of a cutting board and a side to wash just skip the basket and wash after finishing cutting. This will make cleaning your food easier, as well as saving you more time.

Corn peeling machine

With the development of industry 15

Tools to separate corn kernels are a perfect choice for women who want to make corn dishes without separating each corn kernel. Just inserting and molding underline that the kernels of corn are easily separated.

Pineapple core extractor.

With the development of industry 14

Usually, you just have to peel the pineapple outer, cut eyes, peel off, take out the core, quite some time, but also cut your fingers often if not careful. Because of that, for your convenience, the pineapple peeling tool is born, just put the tool in the pineapple and cut and you have the pineapple pieces right away.

Banana slicer

With the development of industry 13

Just peel the banana, put the tools in, and press one, and youll have the bananas that are neat, beautiful, and fast. They are ready for salad!

Watermelon cutting tool

With the development of industry 12

You will have instant pieces of cool watermelon for just 1 minute, with a simple, easy-to-use design with just a few cuts, watermelon slicer. While normally cutting watermelon into every piece takes a lot of time to peel,  and sometimes no longer beautiful.

Noodle press machine

With the development of industry 11

A very useful and quick tool for mothers who want to make all sorts of big noodles, fresh noodles, pasta at Home. With a durable, safe, and clean stainless steel design, the entire family will enjoy noodle dishes of instant quality without having to buy them in the store.

Measure cup with dough Funnel 

With the development of industry 10

With this tool, making cake can be easier, more accurate, and more professional.

Fat Magnet

With the development of industry 9

Thanks to its freezing mode, the Fat magnet has the function of absorbing grease in food. Just refrigerate the machine and then use the machine surface to remove fat from the food.

Stainless steel Spoon rest

With the development of industry 8

This is probably the tool most women want to avoid spilling food while being degusted. With the structure firmly attached to the top of the pot, after tasting you just need to put the spoon up, so you dont have to worry about falling food and no more hand burns.

Redi Set Go Xpress JC-A1E multifunctional cooking machine

With the development of industry 7

This is a modern kitchen tool for families, and it have a lot of utilities. Machine baked, as well as fried, fried, steamed, boiled. Made with all flavors at the same time. The machine also has an air filter mode, after use the kitchen wont smell. If you want to organize a party without having to spend too much time cooking, this is a great gift.

Dish drying rak with handy drain tray

With the development of industry 6

The rack is designed to place the knives, folks with the upper part of the basket, the bottom is the tray that allows water to drain easily, making the bowl quick. This appliance is very convenient if you dont worry about washing the water from the dishes that are going to flow around the cooking.

Kitchen multifunctional Refrigerator storage rack

With the development of industry 5

With this rack design, you can take advantage of the extra space on the fridge side to hook the rack of clothes, save space and have plenty of space: spices, food wrap, kitchen gloves.  It work so well.

Avocado tool

With the development of industry 4

Ripe Avocado is the hardest to cut, because the Avocado is soft and it is easy to crush and crush the Avocado may cut with your fingers. The avocado cutting tool was born because of this understanding of housewives, just cut the avocado in half and then use the light pressure device to get the beautiful pieces of butter in the slice or whatever you want.

Sushi/Kimbap maker

With the development of industry 3

You want Japanese sushi or Korean kimbap to enjoy but its not nice and broken. Dont worry youve got kimbap/sushi rolling tools with a quick and easy way. Youll get instant delicacies from these two countries.

Plastic bag clips

With the development of industry 2

This tool is very convenient if you dont finish the snack and dont want it to get dirty, or if you want to pack the food bags mouths, just put the utensils on and pull the top of the closed bag.

Pan oil splash screen cover

With the development of industry 1

You have to clean up when freaking food is often splashed around the stove and the kitchen wall. No more worries about splashing oil with Pan oil splash screen cover

Multi-function Smart Scissor

 There’s no need to use knife and board to cut food anymore. Multi-function Smart Scissors are made from scissors and the bottom is stainless steel. Carrots, meat, butter, bread can be cut very commodity.

Anti-overflowed pot lid

With the development of industry 0

When food boils or overflows, if you do not pay attention, your kitchen will be full of food and take the time to clean up. You wont have to worry about this issue anymore with this  Anti overflowed pot lid.

So, your cooking will become much easier and simpler with these smart cookware. Quickly pick and buy these appliances for your pretty kitchen!

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