Review Top 3 Best Tefal air fryers worth buying in 2020

Tefal air fryer is one of the famous brands from France, which is very popular and trusted by consumers. However, if you are not experienced in choosing an air fryer and are looking for the right type for your familys needs, the Tefal air fryer is a great suggestion. In this article, DAFUR STOVES will give you some information and reviews about Tefal air fryer.

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Introduction to Tefal Brand

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Tefal is a French brand, specializing in the production of household appliances. Tefal’s products are distributed all around the world. One of Tefals household products that receive a lot of attention from people is the Tefal air fryer. Especially, this product has also been a storm in the market in recent years.

Tefal home appliances are manufactured on modern technological lines, meeting European standards. Tefal attaches great importance to the output quality and design of the product. Thats why Tefal home appliances look so striking, impress customers at first sight. However, the cost of these products is also quite expensive.

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Structure and principles of operating Tefal air fryers 

In terms of structure, Tefal air fryer consists of the following main parts:

The body: includes the handle, the heart of the air fryer. The handle attached to the frying tray makes it easier to lift the food tray. The center of the air fryer has a rotating shaft in the middle.

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Frying tray: located inside the body of the pot but with a separate structure. The upper part is the frying pan.

Lid: The lid is made of glass to help you easily observe the status of the dish inside. On the lid is a control panel temperature, timer .. and other functions.

Is the Tefal air fryer good?

Produced on a high-tech line in France, Tefal oil-free fryer has good quality and durability. Tefals fryer has its own proprietary technology, Actifry, which is the most advanced baking technologies available today that no other fryer firm has. In principle, Tefal will also have its own way of operating.

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Pros of Tefal air fryer

  • Tefals air fryer has a rotating shaft and a propeller that helps the food to cook evenly without stirring, flipping back and forth like normal fryers.
  • The lid is made of glass, which makes it easy to see the state of your food.
  • Tefals air fryer has quite large capacity and strong wattage, which helps you cook large quantities of food in the fastest time.
  • The design of the air fryer pot is very unique and eye-catching. It brings a sense of certainty and persistence for users.
  • Tefals fryer uses exclusive Actifry technology. Using air to process food, minimize the amount of grease in food.

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Cons of Tefal air fryer

  • The shaft occupies 1 part of the area. Therefore, you can not put a whole big thing such as chicken in to fry, you must cut it into small pieces and neatly fold into the air fryer.
  • You cannot adjust the temperature. Right from the start, you have to set a fixed temperature, which makes it difficult for users.
  • The price is quite high compared to other brands of air fryer on the market.

3 Best-selling Tefal air fryer on the market

Tefal Air Fryer YV9601 2IN1

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  • Origin: France
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Frying capacity: up to 1.5kg of food
  • Wattage: 1400W

This air fryer has diverse abilities to process food, it can be used for frying or cooking many kinds of soups. The special thing is that Tefals fryer has a rotisserie shaft in the middle so it can stir-fry food. For fried foods, the rotisserie shaft will help the food to cook evenly on the sides without having to flip.

The machine is designed with a timer function that allows users to set the cooking time. It also has a button to adjust the cooking temperature.

The lid of the air fryer is made of high-quality transparent glass so you can see the food inside. So you will not have to open and close the air fryer continuously, affecting the cooking process.

Outside the air fryer shell is high-quality plastic material, covered on thin electrostatic paint. The edge is stainless steel that has the effect of creating a luxurious, unique beauty for the fryer, so that the gas inside can not escape outside.

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In addition, Tefal YV9601 air fryer is also equipped with advanced Rapid Air technology, which helps the heat circulate the entire food compartment. As a result, the food will be more evenly and more crispy cooked. 

Another advantage of Tefal YV9601 air fryer is that there are 2 trays and 2 different floors. You can prepare several dishes at the same time to save time. Moreover, the fryer has very good suction ability, although cooking two dishes in parallel, but their smells still not overwhelm each other.

Tefal Air Fryer AW9500 1400W (BLACK)

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  • Origin: France
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Frying capacity: 1.5 kg of food

Tefal AW9500 air fryer has an extremely modern and outstanding design with the shell made from glossy hard plastic. The lid is made of tempered glass with excellent heat resistance. Modern design with removable parts makes it easier to wipe and clean.

Beside fried foods, the Tefal AW9500 air fryer can cook a lot of dishes such as soups, porridge. It is extremely versatile, convenient. The inside of the air fryer is covered with ceramic non-stick coating, helping food not stick to the bottom of the pot, ensuring safety for health.

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Tefal 5 Litre Multi-functional air fryer FZ7510

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  • Origin: France
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Frying capacity: nearly 2 kg of food.

This air fryer is made from high-quality plastic. Therefore, it has a durable and smooth surface which looks extremely luxurious. The air fryer is designed with removable parts, making it convenient for cleaning. The inside of the air fryer is coated with high-class ceramic nonstick.

In addition to the function of frying, baking, the Tefal FZ7510 air fryer also has the ability to cook porridge, reheat, sterilize food. The pot also has other advanced functions such as temperature display, self-timer function. 

Before using the Tefal air fryers, customers should carefully read the instructions that come with them.

Hopefully, after this article, customers will find a Tefal air fryer product that best suits their familys needs.

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