Review Top 3 best stone pans you must-know in 2020

Non-stick stone pans are being trusted by housewives to make meals fast, safe, and convenient because this pan has many outstanding advantages along with many uses. However, the emergence of many brands with quality, different prices sometimes makes it difficult for you to choose. Below, we will give you some stone cookware reviews that provides you top 3 best stone pans 2020. Also, the experience of buying non-stick stone pans below will help you to decide for yourself the best, fastest, and easiest product.

What is non-stick frying pan? What  is the use?

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Non-stick frying pan is a modern kitchen appliance covered with natural stone at a microscopic size. This technology is developed from Germany and has been patented. The micro stone particles are mixed with non-stick material to help it achieve abrasion resistance as well as very high durability, very good anti-sticking, good heat retention. High-quality non-stick frying pans that do not use Teflon allow frying and stir-frying using very little cooking oil while ensuring the deliciousness of the dish.

Usually, stone pans are heavyweight, thick walls, but they cook food reasonably quickly thanks to good heat transfer material. Therefore, it makes the dish more delicious

The use of non-stick stone pan

The best non-stick stone frying pan 2019 is mainly used for frying and stir-frying common dishes. Thanks to the non-stick surface with high-quality stone, it helps food not stick on the pan. Thus, the easy cleaning as well as ensure the aesthetics of the dish.

Besides, the pole does not need to use much oil and still ensure the deliciousness of the food. Pans do not contain toxic substances such as conventional non-stick pans, so they are very safe for health.

Stone pans have a surface coated with non-stick layers; the first layer helps antiseptic, non-stick, scratch-resistant, especially not harmful to health. The second layer is a specialized non-stick layer that allows maximum oil savings. The third layer is the stone layer, along with the surface covering. The fourth layer is the last aluminum layer, which is the antioxidant paint.

Experiences on how to pick a good stone pan?


When choosing a good stone pan, the first factor you should not ignore is the brand. Stone pans from reputable brands will be guaranteed for quality, safety, and have the best warranty.

To ensure the purchase of genuine products, go to the dealers or distributors of famous household brands such as Sunhouse, Goldsun, Kangaroo, or Lock & Lock. You can also buy online at reputable commercial sites like to save time and shopping costs significantly.

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Stone pan is an effective assistant for housewives


Currently, most of the pans on the market are made from alloy or metal materials with good heat transfer, keeping heat stable and easier to clean than conventional pans. Commonly used metals for non-stick stone pans such as aluminum alloy, cast aluminum, and stainless steel. In particular, stainless steel has good thermal conductivity and lightweight, the easiest to use.

Resistance to sticking

When choosing a good stone pan, do not forget to pay attention to the non-stick material with a safe ingredient for health, especially for young children. In particular, the anti-stick layer of marble will have high hardness, fewer scratches, resistance and rapid heat conduction, uniform heat distribution, and lighter weight. However, the price of marble pan is higher than that of conventional non-stick pans.


Based on the experience of choosing a quality non-stick pan, you should choose a heavier stone pan because it will be more resistant to heat and retain heat than light pans. The use of a heavy pan will be a bit more effortless when cooking, but in return, the product will be higher, worthy of the cost.


Depending on the purpose of being used for frying, stir-frying, or cooking different dishes, the buyer can choose the right size stone pan. Currently, the products on the market are quite diverse in size for you to freely choose, such as 20cm – 26cm – 28cm – 30cm – 32cm – 35cm, depending on the type of pan.

Design and structure

Similar to conventional pans, the structure of a stone pan also consists of three main parts: the pan, the bottom, and the handle. Also, some types of pans may have additional lids.

With the pan, the design style will significantly affect the way your family cooks food. For example, if you often cook fried foods, you need a deep pan, and you will need a wider and shallow heart. Note, do not choose the type too big will cause more electricity or gas.

The bottom of the pan needs to match the type of kitchen you are using.

Handles currently have two basic types are plastic and stainless steel handles. If your home uses a kitchen, the advice is to choose a plastic handle to avoid the heat, causing burns when used.

Suitable type of pan for the kitchen

When choosing a good pan, besides the quality of the pan, you also need to refer to the information about the pan to choose the right type for your kitchen. There are pans available for popular stoves such as gas stoves, infrared cookers, or induction cookers.

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Depending on the purpose of use can choose the right size stone pan

Structure and working principle of non-stick stone pan

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Non-stick frying pan with high-quality non-stick frying pan

Good stone pans are a question of many women because there are so many brands, many types appear on the market. Before learning about them, you need to know the structure of the pan and how it works.

Structure of non-stick stone pan

Non-stick frying pan not only helps your family have delicious and safe food, but also helps to minimize the grease and reduce the risk of obesity. With multi-layer structure makes stone pans a reliable friend of every family.

  • The first layer is the surface layer with useful anti-sticking function, high antiseptic and anti-scratch for all materials, and gives beautiful gloss throughout use.

  • The second layer is a non-stick layer that has the feature of saving grease when frying.

  • The third layer is the layer for increased durability.

  • The fourth layer is aluminum or steel; cast iron increased durability.

  • The outer layer is an antioxidant paint.

Principle of operation of the non-stick stone pan

With a simple operating principle, the heat from the stove will help heat the pan surface, the heat from the pan is taken directly to the food. With the thickness of the stone pan helps the food cook quickly but still ensures the deliciousness and nutritional value. Besides, the anti-stick layer helps food not stick to the pan.

Experiences on how to buy non-stick stone pans

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Non-stick stone pan is suitable for many dishes.

It is no coincidence that you can choose for your family the products like, many functions, long life. Therefore, the following experiences will help you select the non-stick stone pans that best suit your family.

Choose a non-stick stone pan according to size

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Non-stick stone pan with many different sizes

Many homemakers often ignore dimensions, focusing only on the material and brand of the pan. Actual size is essential because it will or will not meet the cooking needs. From there, increase or decrease the life of the product. If you have a small family, you can choose different sizes. If the family is crowded, it is best to choose large sizes so as not to be overloaded.

Choose non-stick stone pans according to the brand

Brand dominates price, also dominates quality and durability. Choose a reputable brand to help your family feel secure to use. On the other hand, renowned brands also have reasonable prices. To choose to buy, you should go to the prestigious supermarket to ensure genuine goods, genuine warranty. Supermarket electronics, home appliances such as Big C, Nguyen Kim, Pico, etc. will help you feel secure when shopping as well as using.

Pay attention to the coating of non-stick pans

Still know the advantages of a stone pan is that there are 5 surface coatings, but many types of stone pans do not have all of them. Therefore, consider using and selecting a pan with high-quality non-stick coatings. This helps to ensure safety throughout the cooking process. Non-stick layer is also the way you keep food, and dishes increase aesthetics by not being close to the bottom of the pan.

Pay attention to the weight of the stone pan

As you know, non-stick pans are often quite heavy. This weight helps the pan body thick, radiate evenly, cook food faster. Not only that, heavyweight also helps increase durability, increases the heat resistance of the pan. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose and use heavyweight types. Although it will be a bit difficult to use, but you are using a quality product.

Choose non-stick stone pan according to material

Although it is a stone pan, the outer layer of the pan is metal, the metals used to make stone pans are usually aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum alloy. In particular, stainless steel is considered durable material, good thermal conductivity, easy to clean, safe during use. Inox also has outstanding durability compared to other materials that are not corroded or oxidized.

Choose a suitable non-stick stone pan for the kitchen

Where there are only gas stoves, now the kitchen from, infrared stove safe for users to be used more and more. To choose a good non-stick stone pan, you have to choose the right material for the type of kitchen you are using. For the induction hob, you need to pay attention to select the type of stainless steel from good to reduce power consumption.

The best non-stick stone pan brands 2020

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Non-stick stone pan for nice meals

To help customers choose a good non-stick product, you can refer to the brands below. These brands have a foothold in the market and the satisfaction of customers when using.

Sunhouse non-stick frying pan

As a domestic brand, Sunhouse household appliances and cookware have proved their quality. Thanks to its reputation and quality, Sunhouse has stood firm and developed over the past 18 years. This is also a brand known and used by Vietnamese consumers.

As a brand that won many awards of high-quality Vietnamese products, users can be assured of the quality. The price of this domestic brand is also quite soft compared to other brands in the same segment that offers the best choice.

Lock & lock non-stick stone pan

This is a brand of home appliances from the land of Korea, where the products are guaranteed the best quality.

Lock & lock won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in Germany in 2011 with the safety certification of the Association of Industrial Standards in Korea. Lock & lock non-stick stone pan products have been highly appreciated by consumers for quality and durability.

Elmich non-stick stone pan

If above we mentioned two brands of Vietnam and Korea, Elmich is a brand from Europe with quality-tested, safe and luxurious design. Elmich is the name that appears more and more in the kitchen of Vietnamese families, which proves its quality.

Best non-stick stone pans 2020

Each brand launched a lot of different types of non-stick stone pans, each with its advantages and disadvantages to suit different needs. But with the top of the best non-stick stone pans today, this is a good suggestion for your family.

SUNHOUSE SBD28 Super durable frying pan

Top 3 best stone pans 2020 6

SUNHOUSE SBD28 ultra-durable non-stick frying pan gives heat evenly during cooking

Durable, high-quality Marble surface with monolithic aluminum pan body for even heat output. Bottom design of the safe skid pattern.

  • Brand: SUNHOUSE
  • Size: 28 cm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Pan wall thickness: 0mm
  • External surface: Coated with marble pattern
  • Basin: Non-stick Whitford (USA) coated with marble
  • Handle: Screw, durable heat resistant plastic

Lock & Lock 30cm LCA6303D – Non-stick frying pan to use induction cooker

Top 3 best stone pans 2020 7

  • Brand: Korean Lock & lock
  • Material: Aluminum, ceramic stone
  • Inox pan bottom transfers heat quickly, keeping heat well
  • Lid straps: synthetic resin
  • Size: 30 x 6cm (both length 51cm rolled)
  • Weight: 750gm
  • Use on gas stoves, magnetic stoves, infrared stoves

ELMICH OPAL EL-3803 – Non-stick frying pan with natural stone 

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Non-stick stone frying pan with safety cover design

The outstanding advantage of the ELMICH OPAL EL-3803 natural stone frying pan is the use of Opal stone – a high-grade stone from volcanic ash and a safe lid design, handy even when cooked and stored food storage.

  • Brand: ELMICH
  • Size: 26cm
  • Material: Opal
  • Use on all types of stoves

Non-stick frying pan Lock & Lock 30cm ST30F2C using induction cooker that we have shared above is the best selling product in the supermarket of home appliances and kitchenware. This is also a safe, quality product that can be used for all types of stoves.

Square-bottom frying pan from Sunhouse

Sunhouse Non-stick frying pan with square fringed stone, features antibacterial and safety for health. In particular, the pan can catch heat well, distribute heat evenly. The pan is thick, durable, and beautiful, with large pan mouth and square design convenient for cooking. Ergonomically designed, heat-resistant plastic handle design.

Stone pan reviews 3

Square-bottom frying pan from Sunhouse

Bottom stone pan from Colosseum Y1 Elmich

Colosseum Y1 Elmich non-stick frying pan is highly appreciated for its outstanding fast heat removal, saving 30% of cooking fuel. The bottom of the pot is made from aluminum alloy coated with natural stone non-stick, safe for health, resistant to sanding, and easy to clean.

Stone pan reviews 4

Colosseum Y1 Elmich stone stick frying pan

Shine Egg Dance stone pans

Shine Egg Dance stone pan has a size of 28cm, 3.2mm thick, made from pure aluminum material imported from Australia. The pan does not contain heavy metals and PFOA, which is safe for the health of users. Effective Teflon Platinum Marble non-stick coatings are five times more durable than conventional products.

Stone pan reviews 5

Shine Egg Dance stone pan has a size of 28cm, 3.2mm thick

Non-stick stone frying pan from Supor

Supor non-stick stone frying pan is made from aluminum alloy with high durability, good anti-stick ability, anti-abrasion. The pan is designed with the depth and base suitable for induction cookers that are suitable for cooking fried dishes. In addition, the Supor pan has a lid to prevent grease from splashing out, safe to use, hygienic and aesthetic.

Stone pan reviews 6

Supor non-stick stone frying pan is made from high-strength aluminum alloy

Saluki stone pans pan

One of the good selection of stone pans comes from Saluki – Saluki SLK-C01 stone pans have a brandishing glass. Pan is made from cast aluminum with high durability, good heat resistance, and impact resistance. Ecolon non-stick stone layer does not contain toxic components, very safe for health. The handle has a durable design, good insulation, anti-burn.

Stone pan reviews 7

Stone pans Saluki SLK-C01 Japan

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