Reviews Stone cookware – Stone Pan in 2020

Nowadays, stone cookware is getting to be more popular with variety of brands. Why is stone cookware liked by many housewives? Let’s look at our stone cookware reviews and stone pan reviews, especially. 

Outstanding advantages of stonepan compared to other pans

Most types of stone pans today are made of marble with high aesthetic, easy to heat transfer, durable for long-term use. While non-stick pan is usually made of aluminum, aluminum alloy, and steel, coated with non-stick surface. After a period of use, you will see this non-stick layer gradually peeling off. It is difficult to clean it, and the anti-stick ability will decrease. 

Another great advantage of the pan is that when processing foods, housewives only need to add a small amount of oil, even without oil, the food is still cooked as usual. As a result, the pan can protect health, prevent excess cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, blood fat, atherosclerosis, etc. Pan surface is covered with the cast from a large block of stone, has antibacterial, anti-scratch when used. So you will find the stone pan is always as shiny and clean as new.

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Stone pans use very little oil when processing

Another plus point that cannot be ignored is that the surface of the stone pan is equipped with many different non-stick layers to enhance durability, oxidation, and non-toxic, without affecting the quality of the dish. This has overcome the disadvantages of conventional non-stick pans by using PTFE to cover surfaces with PFOA components that can cause cancer. Moreover, stone pans come in a variety of designs and sizes that suit a variety of cooking needs of customers. The price of the pan is quite soft but extremely suitable to equip family cooking.

What kind of good stone pans? The secret to choosing the right stone pan

One of the new trends of housewives is to use non-stick stone pans in food processing. This pan is rated to have good heat transfer, high strength, excellent non-stick. Among the many different types of stone pans, do you know which one is good and how to choose it? If ordinary non-stick pans are made of cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminum and then coated with a non-stick layer on the surface, it is easy to peel and short life. Overcome these disadvantages, and the stone pan is a new invention based on perfect non-stick, durable over time, high life expectancy, so many families use. To know what kind of stone pans are good, you need to know how to choose accordingly.

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Material of non-stick stone pan

Most types of non-stick stone pans are granite pans with high durability, light grip, and convenient to use. The material that makes the pan is aluminum alloy and covers the surface of a layer of natural stone or nanosilver. The product is safe and does not contain toxic substances- PTFE does not contain carcinogens PFOA to ensure safety for the health of users. Unlike normal non-stick pans, stone pans made from high-quality materials should have a long-term non-stick resistance, do not peel off during use. The product has many times more durability. Also, because it is made of good material, the pan has the ability to transfer and heat well. When cooking, you only need to use a very small amount of grease to fry, and the dish is still cooked evenly, delicious, and has the most natural flavor.

Non-stick coating of stone pan

To know which kind of stone pan is good, what customers are most interested in is non-stick coating. If conventional pans use only 1-2 non-stick coatings, then in stone pans, this non-stick coating is raised to 4 layers to bring outstanding efficiency. 

  • Layer 1 is a marble stone coating that helps to prevent bacteria, stickiness, scratches, and is not harmful to health. 

  • Whitford 2 layer non-stick coating helps you to save oil usage as much as possible.

  • Layer 3 is a coating that enhances durability for non-stick layers. 

  • Layer 4 is an aluminum casting alloy layer coated with marble or painted to resist oxidation and abrasion.

Size of stone pans

Depending on the needs of users, stone pans are designed with many different sizes. What kind of good stone pans depends on the usability and utilities that it brings to the user. Therefore, before choosing to buy a pan, you need to clearly identify the purpose you buy the pan for cooking or baking, etc. to choose the appropriate size.

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Depending on the purpose of use, customers are proactive about the size of the ice pan to buy

The stone pans are modernly designed and smart, so they can be used well on all types of stoves such as gas stoves, induction cookers, halogen, electric stoves, ceramic, etc. Therefore, buy the right type of stone pan. Using these factors will help you solve this problem.

Buy pans from reputable manufacturers.

The more popular stone pans are used, the higher the chance of making counterfeit and fake goods. Therefore, when buying any kind of good frying pan, you should only give priority to reputable shops and agents to buy genuine and quality products. Some brands that produce good non-stick pans on the market are Cookway, Happy cook, Sunhouse, Kangaroo, Unimax or Korean Mammy stone pans, etc. enjoy warranty and repair policies.

To identify which kind of stone pan is good, when you buy, you need to do double-check that the surface is smooth or not? When touching the pan with wavy, sticky color? At the same time, when cooking with a stone pan, only use wooden chopsticks to avoid scratches. When cleaning, it is recommended to use soft objects, mild detergents.

If you apply the rules above, the stone pan can accompany you in cooking for at least 5 – 6 years. With four criteria when choosing a good pan, customers can remember and save to check the quality of the stone pan that they are and will intend to buy. These are all experiences, very useful tips for housewives to ensure always satisfied with the quality of the product you choose.

Instructions on how to use stone pans for durability

It is a fact that stone pans are increasingly being selected by housewives for cooking in the family. The way to use stone pans is similar to conventional non-stick pans, but its outstanding advantages are good heat transfer, cooked food quickly, and ensures a delicious taste.

Stone pans are popularly sold on the market and gradually become the number one item used by women in the kitchen. Stone pans extremely rich in design, size, affordable price to make food faster and more delicious. Not only that, the way to use stone pans is easy; they are highly resistant to sticking without consuming too much oil as regular pans. Therefore both are bringing the most natural flavor while ensuring safety for health.

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Good stone pans are like that, but if you do not know how to use and clean properly, it does not guarantee efficiency and product life. You can save some of the following tips when using these items.

  • The newly bought pan should be put into tea bags to rub the surface layer. Then rinse with clean water to deodorize. Or you can sweep 1-2 teaspoons of coffee powder on the pan surface and bring to reheat on the first use.

  • Add a sufficient amount of cooking oil to the pan before placing it on the stove to heat and prepare dishes.

  • The pan should only be heated to a moderate temperature and immediately processed. Do not let the pan overheat before starting to cook, as this will cause the pan to spoil more quickly. 

  • Use chopsticks or wooden lips to cook, not metal utensils.

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Use wooden utensils to cook on a frying pan

  • After cooking food, let the pan cool before using a paper towel to wipe away the stains.

  • Absolutely should not use iron pot brush to clean stains, wipe gently to avoid excessive scrubbing.

  • It is best to use dishwashing liquid with moist water to clean grease stains on the pan surface.

  • Pans after cleaning should be exposed to high shelves to dry themselves. Do not stack pots or other utensils on the pan.

Holding the proper use of stone pan and hygiene, you will be more assured during the cooking process, ensuring product durability without worrying about damage. 

Above are some stone cookware reviews, we hope that you will choose a good stone pan which is used in the kitchen will help you prepare dishes faster, tastier, and ensure nutrition, healthier for everyone.

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