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What is a granite pan?

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The common type of non-stick pans on the market are made of materials such as aluminum, steel, cast iron, alloy, etc. then coated with a non-stick layer on the pan surface. When used for a long time, under the influence of temperature and consumer usage, this non-stick layer will peel off. But with granite pans, this drawback is completely overcome.

Granite pan is also made of pure aluminum and covered with layers of anti-stick diamonds. This non-stick layer is quite thick and durable, so good anti-stick ability. Pans are quite heavyweight due to the granite layer is covered on the surface. The price of a granite pan is not low. So if the pan you bought was surprisingly cheap, be careful because it is probably not a real diamond pan or is of poor quality, quickly peeling off immediately after use.

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Is granite pan good?

Frying granite pain when used for frying, stir-frying, cooking, you do not need more oil or very little. Pans have excellent adhesion resistance, do not worry about local fire even when not using oil.

Stone pans often have a non-stick coating surface. Layer 1 is a layer to help antiseptic, scratch-resistant, non-stick, not harmful to health. Layer 2, coated with two professional non-stick high quality, helps to save cooking oil to the maximum level. Layer 3 is a coating that helps strengthen the non-stick layer. Layer 4 is a pure aluminum layer, finally the paint layer helps to protect against oxidation. This pan does not use PTFE to cover the surface and does not contain PFOA, so it is very safe for users to use.

Because granite pan has a super good anti-stick layer, so when cleaning, users do not take too much time. Even just need a clean towel, wipe gently, the pan is as clean as a new one.

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How to choose the right granite pan

Granite pan is very familiar with our lives, sold quite a lot in supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, etc. with different prices. So if you are not a smart consumer, we are likely to buy low quality granite pan. So what is a granite pan, is it good, how to choose to buy this kind of pan?

The pan of granite usually has a very smooth surface, so you can try to touch the surface of the pan with your hands. If the teacher is rough, it is sure that the pan is poor quality or maybe fake. Also, when you touch a real granite pan, you will not feel tinted or black hands. This is the easiest way to identify granite pans and quite effective.

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Next, we will introduce the best granite pan from Sunhouse.

Sunhouse granite pan with health safety

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To have a good meal for the family, the selection of kitchen utensils is a difficult problem for women, in addition to the pot, the pan is an essential tool in the indispensable kitchen, great support for housewives to make sophisticated and attractive dishes. But to choose a good durable pan, health and safety for the whole family is a concern for women because there are many dishes made on the pan that buy low-quality non-stick pans that will affect the quality of the dish. With the advantages of non-adhesion to food, user health, good quality, Sunhouse health-safe granite pan is a perfect choice when you intend to shop for your family with a pan.

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Quality of Sunhouse granite non-stick pan

  • On the market, pans are sold a lot, making it difficult for women to choose to buy pans, because many places are selling both fake, fake and poor quality goods. Its hard to choose a non-stick pan like, safe, beautiful, healthy for the family.

  • The ordinary non-stick pan , most of the pan material is made from aluminum, steel, or cast iron, then covered on the pan surface with a non-stick layer, used for a while, the high temperature will peel off the paint. Or when scouring erodes the non-stick layer causing scratches when cooking can be mixed with food that is dangerous for users. Sunhouse granite pans will overcome the disadvantages of these pans.

  • Sunhouse granite non-stick frying pan is a collaborative product between Sunhouse Vietnam and Korea, manufactured using modern Korean technology, strictly inspected on the line and product quality, passed censorship of Korean standards, absolutely no lead components.

  • The product has received enthusiastic support, set a record of sales, and was welcomed very warmly in European and Asian markets, including the Vietnam market.

Structure of Sunhouse granite pan

  • Granite pan is made from 99% pure aluminum imported from Korea and coated with nanosilver to make cooking more economical because it does not need grease when fried, fried, in addition to the pan also has antibacterial.

  • The surface of the pan is molded with a hard steel layer, with a granite pattern, so the glossy surface is easy to clean, helps prevent sticking and scratches, and the pan is coated with non-stick granite granite of Korea. High non-stick, safe for cooking.

  • Super durable stone pan thanks to many non-stick coating: the granite coating is a granite layer that helps to prevent bacteria, scratches, anti-sticking, no harm to health; Whitford non-stick coating helps to save cooking oil to the maximum; 3rd layer is the coating to enhance the durability of the non-stick layer; layer 4 is a cast aluminum alloy layer; the outer layer is a granite or paint coating that helps to prevent oxidation and abrasion.

  • This pan does not use PTFE to cover the surface and does not contain PFOA, so it is very safe for users to use.

  • Sophisticated design, fast heating pan, heat stability, maximum fuel efficiency, high heat resistance, good heat retention help you cook faster, make delicious food, and retain nutrition Nursing of food.

  • The handle is firm, durable, and made of insulating, insulating material, so it is safe for users.

  • Sunhouse non-stick frying pan is beautifully designed, luxurious, has many sizes for you to choose, from 24cm, 26cm, 28cm suitable for use. Especially, pans can be used to cook a lot of dishes such as stir-frying, frying, roasting, cooking, or stocking is not like any other pan for frying or stir-frying without affecting the non-stick layer.

  • On the other hand, the pan can be used for all stoves, with the induction cooker is a class-level combination of a flat bottom design.

  • The pan is set with a swing and not swing to suit your choice.

How to choose and preserve Sunhouse granite non-stick frying pan

  • But the market also sells a lot of types of granite pans do not know the truth, so how to buy the pan when you go to the reliable address, genuine sales to choose.

  • To identify the pan well, you can check the surface of the pan is smooth or not, when rubbing your hands on the bottom of the pan, there is no ripples, no color or black hands.

  • If you know how to use it properly and store it well, use it for 5-6 years.

  • When cooking, you should use wooden chopsticks to invert food, clean with a soft cloth, mild detergent, when washing the pan you should wipe gently and do not use aluminum utensils to scrub, when finished cooking should Let pan cool before washing.

  • At the stores, supermarkets also sell a lot of granite pans you can find or buy or come to Vietmart us where Sunhouse granite pan sells quality, durable, beautiful, and safe for consumers health as well as many non-stick pans, cookers from other brands.

Notes when using granite pan

Although the durability of the granite pan is very high, but if you know how to use it, you can use this pan for a longer time.

  • Cook, stir food with wooden utensils

  • Wipe gently with a soft cloth, mild rinse, do not use metal scrub

  • Wait for the pan to cool completely before washing

  • Do not wash in the dishwasher

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Above is some detailed information about the granite pan. With this useful information, you can consider choosing the best granite pan for your kitchen and also know how to use it properly to preserve the pan.

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