Review: ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan

ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan is a product imported from Korea, pans body is made of Bakelite plastic handle against hot hands. Made from 7 healthy non-stick ingredients that contain PFOA, do not cause cancer to consumers health. Large-sized pans allow you to fry and cook a lot of food for your beloved family.

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With the extensive experience in manufacture, the ILO BRAND has brought many safe non-stick pan products. Ranked No. 1 in supermarkets is the ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pan. It is made from safe and healthy materials, making you dispel the worries when cooking food.

Why do you need ILO IL-FP26T titanium-stick non-stick pan?

For a long time in the market, there have been many types of non-stick pans with exquisite designs that make the housewifes comparison decision very difficult. The shortage of goods specifications makes people homemakers do not know which products to choose appropriately and safely following their spending.

Nowadays, most of the old kitchen types have been changed by newer kitchen models. So some older generation frying pans are no longer handy. So right now, users should consider learning and choosing for their families a good pan and safe.

Along with the need to live more scientifically every day, buying 1 high quality and safe utensils such as ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pans for your home is necessary because this is the right thing to do. Relatively essential tools for cooking delicious food in the kitchen of every home.

When you spend money on shopping, everyone likes to dedicate your kitchen to the excellent and suitable and safe items. ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan, high-quality non-stick frying pan with ceramic material from ILO, is a very hot kitchen tool.

We are pleased to introduce one of the indispensable tools during processing is the titanium anti-stick ILO IL-FP26T for extremely high durability. Anti-stick titanium ILO IL-FP26T is a new item and is honored to be purchased by family cooks since they were present in prestigious stores.

Safe pan, with absolute durability, perfect non-stick material applied as titanium, ceramic non-stick stick by leading manufacturers in Korea.

Introduction about ILO Manufacturer

The ILO company is the company that always aspires to bring customers hands the goods that bring chefs satisfaction from the outside appearance to the superior quality. It has been a brand with strong dedication and credibility in the market with a large number of supporters.

As kitchen utensils recognized by leading Korean manufacturers and affirmed that the titanium non-stick product ILO-FP26T is a pre-eminent kitchen pan, accompanied by quality, which has passed strict inspection stages. Close before bringing it to the user.

Distinctive characteristics of ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick 26cm frying panĀ 

  • Wearing a diameter of 26cm will be one of the very reasonable index when making a lot of food indoors. With the non-stick titanium ILO IL-FP26T non-stick pan with a diameter of 26cm, it is easy to fry foods such as fried eggs, fish of all kinds, fried meat, beans very easily.

  • Size: 26cm

  • The size of the ILO IL-FP26T non-stick titanium non-stick frying pan is 26cm, which definitely makes it easy for the processor to cook dishes even with many people or when there are many guests. Cooking utensils can be added without worrying about too much food being thrown out or difficult to stir.

  • ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan is made of aluminum alloy material with safety certification for health, not including harmful substances such as poor-quality pans.

  • The inner structure of the ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pan is coated with a unique Ceramic surface known as modern technology now. It is subjected to high heat by ILOs special research results, so the pan anti-stick titanium ILO IL-FP26T absolutely guaranteed to the environment, adhesion resistance despite cooking at high temperatures without creating harmful substances in food, so extremely safe. Good non-stick compounds also minimize food burning.

  • ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan quickly transfers heat because the bottom of the bottom is 26cm …, thus reducing kitchen time, helping housewives retain most of the vitamins and minerals in the dish to help the dish brings flavors and nutrients to those who love it.

  • The structure has experimented with standard thickness and suitable thickness so that the ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pan catches the temperature quickly, spreads heat evenly around the pan, so there is less food erosion.

  • ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pan has a super anti-stick surface, so when frying the food very easily and quickly, it gives you a lot of satisfying food. From quality anti-stick substances help the life cycle of the pan better. The coating with an elegant and even dirt-free color makes the washing process gentle, making the product always new.

  • Clean, hygienic very gently, unlike non-stick pans with conventional alloys. Under the impact of advanced technology anti-dirt paint coating.

  • It is constructed from aluminum alloy, extremely strong, anti-scratch when impacted.

  • Simple form that turns to precious. The leading tone of the elegant blue color makes the ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick pan very eye-catching.

  • Durable structure, safety: ILO IL-FP26T Titanium non-stick frying pan is made of monolithic, non-stick cast titanium alloy. The outer layer of the ceramic pan does not contain any carcinogenic substances such as PFOS – PFOA, LEAD, CADMIUM, and it is easy to clean.

  • Outstanding non-stick ability

The pan is coated with durable non-stick titanium. Pan is made of 7 layers of high-class non-stick

1. Sparking Top Coating

2. Titanium Coating

3. Mid Coating

4. Primer Coating

5. Aluminum

6. Mid Coating

7.Ceramic Coating

Good heat resistance and heat transfer

Thanks to the high-grade titanium non-stick layer, you can fry foods with less oil and still retain intact vitamins, nutrients from food, and never be contaminated with any unpleasant odors. At the same time, the food does not stick to the pan causing burning or crumbling.

  • Heat-resistant handle

Bakelite plastic handle is anti-hot, non-slip, ensures safety for users. The top of the handle has a small hole so you can hang pans on the wall and kitchen counter when not in use, keeping the kitchen always neat and clean.

Utility products for all families

  • Can be used for many types of kitchen

Products can be cooked on gas stoves, electric stoves, magnetic cookers, infrared stoves, meeting the diverse needs of users. Products are designed delicate with elegant colors, contributing to adorn the kitchen space more modern and polite. With this handy pan, you will enjoy cooking delicious, nutritious and hygienic meals, ensuring health and safety for the family.

Note when using

  • All range of induction cookers are pot/pan, especially the European kitchen due to high production standards.

  • Should choose a pot/pan thick from 3 bottoms or more. Cooker/pan for induction hob should choose a pot with a flat bottom, and the bottom of the pot/pan should not be too small to increase the contact area between the cooker and cooktop to improve cooking efficiency and help save energy.

  • Should use a pot/pan with a diameter of 10 – 26 cm, the stove will give high heat transfer efficiency and less heat loss.

  • The pan may not be compatible with the induction hob if the pot/pan diameter is larger than the magnetic ring diameter on the hob.

  • The pot/pan has a floating magnetic bottom, less contact with the surface of the induction hob, can reduce compatibility with the stove.

Above is some reviews about ILO IL-FP26T titanium non-stick frying pan. Hope that these review will support housewives in picking a good pan for their cooking.

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