Review Staub pot – Premium cast iron pot from France

Staub pot is a hot product on the market of imported luxury home appliances. With the obvious effectiveness in cooking, and the spread of praise, more and more people are interested in the Staub pot. So, what advantages and disadvantages does Staub pot have? Lets read the Staub pot review – French advanced cast iron pot to get an overview of this product.

Review Staub pot Premium cast iron pot from France 0

Advantages of Staub pot 

Features of Staub pot – black enamel coating on the inside of the pot

If most of the imported enameled cast iron pots are coated with bright enamel inside the pot (at first glance, they’re like porcelain pot), only Staub chooses its own color- black enamel. This enamel of Staub is made up of 2 types of glass beads with different melting temperatures. Therefore, they still retain a certain roughness, not as smooth as light enamel. Staubs black enamel also has a chemical polymer ability to create a good anti-rust and anti-stick coating under normal frying conditions.

According to reviews of most customers using cast iron pot, this type of black enamel of Staub pot can withstand higher heat, cook a wider variety of dishes from frying, baking, baking, it’s also clean than many other pots. Many customers choose the Staub pot just because of this feature.

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Staub pot holds 9 times more moisture than regular pot and 10% more than the opponents

Staub pot has a flat lit design with round dots or patterns on the underside. They help promote the distribution of condensed water back to the food. This is really important because they can make food soft while cooking with very little water. The convection space can help enhance the natural flavor as well as preserve nutrients in food completely.

Multi-layer and multi-colored enamel technology

Staubs enamel technology is a secret under their name “Majolique”. It is not just ordinary paint spraying. To achieve a deep and durable enamel color, Staub must be coated with 2-3 layers, through many stages of enameling, spraying, drying, and filtering. If the enamel fails, they can cancel the whole batch. Currently, Staub pot offers 8 main classic colors and they become very popular. These colors are black, mustard yellow, gray, moss green, blue, brown-orange, cherry red, pomegranate red. In addition, they continue to develop new colors bearing the characteristics of Staub.

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Metal knob is more durable and easier to use

Many customers review the inconvenience of the plastic lid knob of the Le Creuset cast iron pot, not only are they poor in heat resistance, but they are also easy to discolor and are too low to handle. Staub, meanwhile, uses stainless steel or nickel-plated copper to serve as handles for the lid. They are extremely durable and heat resistant up to 800ºC (Normal knobs usually only can withstand 280ºC) so you can carefree when putting Staub pot in the oven. The knob is designed much higher than the lid, which helps users to use the pot more conveniently. The lid of the Staub pot is screw-on, meaning you can adjust it freely if the knob is loose or you want to replace it with other more interesting ones. Staub offers many models for Staub pot lid accessories.

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Staub pot with a larger handle

To balance the size and weight of the pot, as well as to ensure safety for the use of the pot, Staub designed the handle to be bigger than competitors, wider and sturdier with the brand name being handcrafted. Many users have reviewed and appreciated the convenience of the Staub handle.

Staub pot is thicker, heavier and of course more durable

Same capacity but a Staub pot is always heavier than other pots such as Le Creuset or Chasseur about 1 pound. This is certainly because Staub has always designed thicker pots, ensuring higher cooking efficiency, better heat retention, and excellent durability. You will find the Staub pots can be used throughout your life and can even be left to the next generation like an heirloom.

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Disadvantages of Staub pot 

– Hydrophobic cast iron pot: Dampness can cause the pot to quickly rust. Thats why, when you own high-end kitchen utensils such as the Staub pot, you need to take time to take care of it. For example: Do not immerse the pot in water for long; Do not scratch the pot with an iron brush; After washing, immediately wipe dry; Sometimes it is necessary to apply oil to prevent rust and regenerate nonstick for it

– Staub pot is enameled cast iron. Because the metal and enamel have different thermal expansion coefficients, when using, never put hot pots in cold water. This may cause the surface structure cracking phenomenon.

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– Heavy – Of course. As soon as you decide to buy a cast iron pot you will have to accept that it is HEAVY. Sometimes Staub pots as large as 28cm can weigh over 5kg. And of course, it will be quite hard for weak homemakers and the elderly to use them.

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– The common disadvantage of cast iron pot and enameled cast iron is the relatively long heat absorption. You may need to boil for a while before the pot starts to heat up. But once its hot, they will be hot for a long time.

– Expensive – and also of course, for high-class pots and pans from Europe, you accept to spend money to buy quality, because there is no such thing as “good but cheap”. And I guarantee you wont regret it.

Despite the inherent flaws that are common to all cast iron pots, the Staub pot is still in a firm position. 45% of professional chefs in France love Staub. And in many experiments testing the application and durability of cast iron pot in general, customers do not have any complaints about its products. They are very beautiful, can be used on all types of kitchen, placed on the table and the chefs always use Staub pot to serve customers in their restaurant.

Staub cast iron pot is certainly a good choice for your kitchen. Hopefully, through this article, you will know more about cast iron pot in general and Staub pot in particular. Therefore, you can use and preserve it better. 

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