5 Reasons why you should use NeoFlam cookware set

To keep pace with modern life and increasingly demanding requirements from consumers, pot and saucepan manufacturers are constantly innovating to create quality and modern products. And one of them must mention the launch of NEOFLAM  cookware. So what is special about this set of pots? Please read the following article to get the answer!

Introduction to Neoflam brand

5 Reasons why you should use NEOFLAM no handle cookware set 1

Neoflam is a privately owned multinational corporation with offices around the world and more than 1,000 employees. The corporation was founded in 1990 in Korea, initially they were just importers and distributors of kitchenware from the US and Europe. It was not until 2008 that Neoflam started to produce Ecolon ceramic cast aluminum cookware. In 2013, they began selling kitchenware products in the US market. Today, after a decade of success in South Korea, Neoflam has expanded to the global markets. They produce and export their products to over 70 countries in the world. Due to the effectiveness and quality of products, they have attracted many loyal fans, helping them continue to grow.

With a commitment to providing stylish, innovative and beneficial kitchenware for users as well as the environment. Neoflam has established long-term relationships with big companies in the technology industry so that they can combine their technologies with their innovations to benefit consumers.

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Achieving strong success in many countries around the world, Neoflam continues to provide health-friendly products, serving the discerning American consumers such as bottles, mugs, water bottles, and cookware.

The outstanding feature of cast aluminum cookware is that it is much lighter than cast iron but has a fast thermal conductivity and has a unique aesthetic design, beautiful and bright colors.

Why is it called a no handle pot set?

Surely many people will have questions about the name of Neoflam no handle pot. And many people obviously think that as a cooking pot, there must be a handle to facilitate processing. But Neoflam cookware is completely different, it is not equipped with fixed handles like other conventional pots, it comes along with a removable handle that can be used for all types of pots, saucepans, and pans included in the set.

5 Reasons why you should use NEOFLAM no handle cookware set 2

This is also the reason why Neoflam no handle cookware set is also known as a removable handle cookware set.

Why should you choose the Neoflam no handle cookware set?

Unique and novel design

Neoflam cookware set has an extremely different and unique design. This is also a plus point for the product to create an initial impression on many consumers, stimulating their curiosity and understanding.

5 Reasons why you should use NEOFLAM no handle cookware set 3

Each set of products is equipped with a removable handle that has a clip so that it can be attached to a pot or pan. The handle is quite long and has a silicon cover to help prevent the heat from the stove, making it safer for cooking. The handle is also sold separately, so users can easily find more when needed.

The colors of pots and pans in the product range are also very diverse, helping users have more options to make the kitchen more prominent.

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Besides, the cookware set of the company is also very diverse, with a number of different pots and pans so that users can base on their needs such as:

• Miris – Set of 3 pots and pans with removable handle

• Set of 5 pots and pans with removable handle

• Set of 2 pots and pans with removable handle

• Set of 1 pot and 1 pan with removable handle

High-quality and safe material 

The pot set has a monolithic aluminum body with a thick wall that can absorb and retain maximum heat, the two sides are covered with safe Ecolon non-stick ceramic, which makes the processing of dishes more convenient. This non-stick coating also helps your cooking process consume less grease and does not contain toxic substances such as PFOA or PTFE and makes the post-cooking cleaning process more simple and gentle.

In particular, Neoflam pots and pans are also equipped with both a convenient lid. The high-grade PE plastic lid helps you to preserve food in the pot. The swing part is made from silicon laminated glass for convenient viewing while cooking. There is also a vent on the edge of the silicon.

The bottom of the pot and pan is about 4.8mm thick and attaches from rivets and can be used on all types of stoves.

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Used as tools to preserve food in the refrigerator, or a baking tray in the oven

Because there are no fixed handles, you can use the pots or pans in the kit as a multipurpose box to store food in the fridge. You can refrigerate post-cook food without extracting it to other types of boxes to preserve. The attached plastic lid is quite tight, which helps reduce odor, thereby preserving in the refrigerator food better.

5 Reasons why you should use NEOFLAM no handle cookware set 4

Besides, you can use them as food trays to make extremely delicious and attractive baked dishes by the oven. Because the handle is removable, the Neoflam pot is both like a non-stick cake mold, easy to make cakes or bake food in small quantities such as vegetables or small pieces of meat.

Replace bowls and dishes to display food directly

5 Reasons why you should use NEOFLAM no handle cookware set 5

You can absolutely use them to display food directly for each meal. With the size is not too big, not entangled with quite eye-catching colors, the meals of your family will be more attractive thanks to these no handle pots and pans.

Convenient for storage and preservation

If conventional pots and pans take up a lot of space for storage and preservation, the Neoflam no handle cookware set is quite the opposite. Its smart design will enable you to put them together when finish using to save maximum kitchen space, thus, your family kitchen will be more neat and tidy.

With the above characteristics, surely you really want to own these exciting cookware set for the family kitchen, right? Neoflam no handle cookware set will not disappoint you, so let’s buy and try the convenience and useful function of it. 

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