3 Surprising truth about cast iron cookware you must-know

Since ancient times, cast iron cookware has been used by mothers and mothers to cook food. The stewed and simmered dishes made from cast iron cookware all bring a very good taste, characteristic and keep the pure flavor of the aroma. In addition, the cast iron pot is very durable and able to hold heat for long. Therefore, to this day, cast iron pots are still selected by housewives to cook delicious foods in the family.

Is cast iron cookware toxic?

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First of all, you need to know that cast iron is able to release iron into food during cooking. According to the research of scientists, the amount of iron will vary from 1.7mg to 26mg / 100g of food. For sour foods, high humidity, and longer cooking times, the greater the release of iron. This will not adversely affect people with blood loss, weakness,… However, for normal healthy people, enough iron, this is not necessary.

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Therefore, the nature of the cast iron pot is not toxic. However, if you choose to use the old cast iron pot, cast iron pot by manual method will not guarantee hygiene, causing iron content to rise too high, adversely affecting human health.

Therefore, high quality cast iron pots are the most effective solution today. Because the enameling itself will prevent food from coming into contact with the iron part of the pot. This helps housewives can process delicious, delicious, nutritious dishes with traditional flavors, while ensuring health and safety for family members.

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Enameled cast iron pot

So, if you are in an excess of iron, it is best to donate blood to reduce the bodys iron content and reduce iron toxins. And if you are in a state of iron deficiency, you should not force iron supplement force through a raw cast iron pot. Instead, you should get iron from natural foods and positive living habits will be most beneficial to the body.

Pros and cons of Iron Cookware

Pros of cast iron pot

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  • High strength, almost eternal life. Glazed surfaces ensure aesthetics, easy to clean, rust-resistant, and avoid scratching the kitchen glass.

  • Cast iron cookers suitable for processing dishes that require a lot of cooking time, slow cookers such as stew, security, and storage. Therefore, it can replace the pressure cooker.

  • Cast iron pot can replace non-stick pan. Because this pot has good natural anti-stick ability, when frying is not afraid of oil stains, it is safer than current types of non-stick pans.

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  • The versatile cast iron pot can also be used to make cast iron rice cooker, cast iron pot cooking rice, cast iron pot fish, cast iron pot lighters,…

  • Cast iron is an alloy of iron. So, in addition to using on the stove, this pot can still be used for gas stoves, electricity, magnetic induction, … and can be placed in the oven.

Cons of cast iron cookware for induction stove

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  • Do not leave food in the saucepan after cooking as the moisture in the food will cause it to rust.

  • Cast iron pot is durable, has good abrasion resistance but is a bit heavy and has poor impact resistance.

  • Take time to apply cast iron oil and heat on the stove before and after use.

  • Cast iron pots often have to be washed with hot water.

  • Hydrophobic cast iron should avoid leaving the pot in damp places, after washing, dry quickly.

  • Cast iron pot is durable, thick but heavy and crunchy

Tips to choose cast iron for induction stove

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In recent years, there has been a trend to buy cast iron cookers. This product is both safe and healthy, while ensuring the taste as well as the nutrients in the dish. However, because this pot uses electric current to heat the pot directly, it is quite picky. Therefore, when buying a cast iron stove from the kitchen, the housewives should note that choose the cast iron pot:

  • Made from ferromagnetic materials such as cast iron, iron enamel, steel, or stainless steel.

  • Smooth enameled, ensuring both aesthetics and anti-rust set.

  • Flat bottom surface, diameter from 10cm. Thus, the new magnetic stove for high heat transfer efficiency, fast cooked food, and the least power consumption. Absolutely should not choose the type of pot with a rugged bottom just lacking aesthetics, just ineffective use easily damaged, scratched kitchen glass surface.

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  • Should choose the pot model with knob, thick handle, spacious and firm to ensure safe use.

  • Do not use cheap enameled cast iron pots. Because the glaze will easily fall, scratch or melt when it is heated at high temperatures. This has made it difficult for housewives to clean the product, while also harming human health.

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Practical review of some types of cast iron cookware 

Staub cast iron pot

This is a famous French cast iron pot brand often with a flat, heavy lid design with patterns on the bottom.

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Staub pot has an enamel coating outside which consists mainly of glass and multi-colored enamel technology. So not only beautiful, but it is also considered as a work of art on the dining table.

Normally, Staub has the following basic colors: cherry red, pomegranate red, black, gray, mustard, moss green, sea blue, cinnamon brown-orange, salt white,…

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The knob of the pot is made of nickel-plated copper that is heat resistant up to 800 degrees Celsius compared to ordinary Bakelite knobs that are only heat resistant about 28 degrees C.

Using a pot helps promote the distribution of condensed water back to the food. This is very important, as it makes the food always soft, not dry even when cooked with very little water. Moisturizing capacity of the lid is 9 times higher than the normal lid.

Especially, the air convection space helps to increase the natural flavor, color of the dish, and preserves nutrients in the food completely.

For Staub usually have common sizes are Staub 20 cast iron pot and Staub 24 cast iron pot.

Lodge Cast iron pot

Products are manufactured and imported from the US. Round shape pot design with 2 handles easy to handle.

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The pot is made of pure cast iron. The pot helps the food cooked with internal heat to keep the dish delicious and attractive.

Although not enameled, the surface of the pot is smooth and easy to clean.

The surprising truth about cast iron cookware 11

According to the objective assessment from housewives, this is a durable, cheap pot.

The surprising truth about cast iron cookware 12

Le Creuset Cast iron pot

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Le Creuset is also a famous French cast iron pot brand.

The Le Creuset pot has the most diverse colors available today.

The surprising truth about cast iron cookware 14

Instead of two standard enamels, Le Creuset has three layers of enamel, making it superior to other conventional pots. Compared to other European rivals, Le Creuset is 15% lighter in weight when the wall of the pot is thinnest.

Currently, Le Creuset is increasingly improving the design of the pot, such as a bigger handle to help the housewife hold, grasp it more easily, more durable coating in the pot, replacing the plastic knob with stainless steel knobs, Design a snug lid to keep maximum moisture during cooking.

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La Cuisine Cast iron pot 

La Cuisine pot is designed in a circular shape with a common size of 20cm. Products with a variety of colors for housewives to choose.

Cast iron Rapido

The Rapido pot is a monolithic cast iron pot and the inside of the pot is coated with 2 non-stick layers.

Resistant to the temperature of the pot up to 260 degrees C.

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The lid of the pot is molded at high pressure. The edge of the lid is flattened to close the lid to prevent food from spilling out even while it is boiling. The lid of the pot is designed with water droplet floating points to help steam when flying, condensing and falling into the pot. This ensures that the food is always soft and juicy and minimizes the leakage of nutrients out.

Common sizes: 20, 22 and 24cm.

The above is some useful information about cast iron cookware that you should know. DAFUR STOVES hopes that you will choose for yourself the type of cast iron cookware suitable for your kitchen

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