Review Top 5 Best induction Cooktop cookware in 2020

Today, we would like to introduce best induction cooktop cookware to you. However, before we show you best induction cooktop, we want to explain what the induction cooktop is and its advantages.

What is an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktop is a kind of electric cooktop capable of saving energy well, cooking fast food.

With the principle that when the stove starts to operate, the current will flow through the copper coil placed under the glass of the stove and generate a magnetic field within a few millimeters on the stove; therefore, heating the pot with the magnetic base cooked.

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Advantages of the induction cooktop

  • The centralized heat exhausts in the area where the contact pot base is, helping to save energy, while the food is boiled and cooked faster than other types of cooktops.

  • Ceramic induction cooktop, heat-resistant glass, Schott glass (Made in Germany) is not only safe but also help you easily clean the cooktop.

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  • Diverse designs, suitable for all subjects with 2 main types of single induction cooktop suitable for small kitchen spaces, you live alone. Double induction cooktop is a choice with large kitchen space and cook more food for the family.

  • There are also acoustic and infrared cooktops. Built-in sound cooktop can make your kitchen more luxurious, while an infrared cooktop has an infrared stove, which helps you to use all types of pots in the house conveniently.

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  • The induction cooktop has functions such as soup, water heating, frying, porridge, stew, steaming, hot pot cooking, etc.

  • At the same time, some induction cooktops also integrate some utilities such as timer, control panel lock, automatic cooking mode, etc.

  • The price of the induction cooktop is quite suitable for most consumers. 

  • Safer with smokeless cooking technology, automatically disconnects when overloaded, when the pot is not suitable, or the voltage is too high or too low.

  • Stoves from this day are becoming a type of stove used by most people to replace coal, gas stoves, etc. thanks to many advantages suitable to the needs of the majority of Vietnamese people. So what kind of the best single induction cooktop should buy? Join us to learn to choose the right type of induction cookware for you through this article.

Why should you use the induction cooktop?

Never the induction cooktop market, infrared cooktops have become as hot as recent years. Because of the rapid increase in demand, it quickly leads to a series of consumer questions such as: Why should cookstoves, single stoves from any kind be good, should buy stoves by any type, induction cooktop from any good company, etc. To answer why we should use a magnetic stove instead of other types of cooktop, lets look at the advantages below to see the superior features and performance of the induction cooktop.

Induction cooktop is safe for users.

Coal is a good combustion material but emits a large amount of CO2, if used in a closed home is easy to cause gas poisoning, asphyxiation can lead to death. Other types of stoves such as gas stoves, electric stoves can cause burns to the user, easily ignite the fire to surrounding objects or open-air, electric fires, explosions, etc.

From the advent, the induction cooktop has overcome most disadvantages of the traditional induction cooktop line earlier. This is a type of stove that uses magnetic coils as a heat source to heat cookware, capable of conducting magnetic surfaces on the cooktop. The coil itself is not hot, but only hot cooking utensils, so even touching the surface of the stove while cooking is pretty cool.

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Superlative power saving

According to scientific statistics, normally, the amount of heat lost when using gas stoves is 60%, electric cooktops is 40% while induction cooktops are only 10%. This significant difference is that the efficiency of the induction cooktop is focused thoroughly on the bottom of the pot. Meanwhile, when using gas stoves, we often lose a lot of heat in the process of heating the pot due to the fire is not concentrated, lost to the environment in large amounts.

The cooking efficiency of induction cooktops is 2 times higher than that of other types of cooktops, and even good single cooktops can achieve higher performance so it can save users both in terms of time and cost, charge when used.

Easy to clean

Magnetic cooktops are often constructed of glass surfaces, so they are easy to clean after use. It would help if you used a soft cloth to clean the surface after cooking, saving a lot of time, unlike when using a gas stove, to wipe the glass, all kinds of glass, stainless steel tray, etc.

Comfort, luxury, durability

The induction cookware has many colors and categories for users to choose, suitable for many different needs. The surface of the induction cooktop is from beautiful glossy tempered glass. The current induction cooktop design is a neat sound design, saving space, bringing luxurious comfort to the kitchen space in the family. The type of induction cooktop from most uses high-class tempered glass such as Schott ceran, K + and Ceramic glass, heat resistance up to 800 degrees C, heat shock up to 1000 degrees C, fast heat dissipation, keeping safe for users.

Best single induction cooktop

Here are our suggestions for the top 5 single induction cooktops to buy. Readers can refer to the induction cooktop you should buy the best type, best suited to the needs of their family.

Nagakawa single induction cookware NAG0702

Nagakawa NAG0702 single induction cookware comes from luxurious black, waterproof tempered glass induction cooktop surface, easy to clean and hygienic, compact design, suitable for many different pots and pans. Ultra-sensitive touch keys, equipped with 2,200W capacity to heat the pot faster, cook quickly, save electricity.

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Nagakawa single induction cookware NAG0702

In addition, the induction cooktop is also equipped with additional safety features: a child lock and timer. 

Philips HD4911 induction cooktop

Philips HD4911 induction cooktop is equipped with a large capacity, directly heating the bottom of the pot according to the electromagnetic induction mechanism, which does not cross the induction cooktop. Hence, the cooking time is fast and consumes less electricity. The stove uses 95% energy efficiently, helping you save significantly on electricity. 

Black color design; tempered glass; high gloss glass; high impact resistance; use touch-sensitive control panel, with easy-to-understand illustrations

The induction cooktop is also equipped with a safety automatic power-off feature when overloaded or electrical problems occur, ensuring absolute safety. The bottom has a cooling fan to help cool, increase the life of the induction cooktop.

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Philips HD4911 induction cooktop

Philips HD4911 has a smart cooking timer function, automatically disconnects the induction cooktop  after the timer runs out, helping users take advantage of time and organize their work efficiently. The induction cooktop comes pre-installed with 5 automatic cooking modes: frying, hotpot, boiling water, steaming, and soup, making your familys meals richer. Philips HD4911 is always at the top of the most customer selection when asked to buy a good single induction cooktop .

Electrolux  ETD42SKR induction cooktop

Electrolux ETD42SKR is designed with a luxurious, compact black tone, high-quality Ceramic glass surface, good strength and heat conduction, durability limiting the range of heat, does not cause heat for users. It has touch sensor control (touch) with 6 preset functions: cooking, frying, hotpot, stir-frying, boiling, steaming, security, allowing you to unleash cooking, creativity to bring The richest menu family.

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Electrolux ETD42SKR induction cooktop 

Midea high-end induction cooktop MI-T2117DC

For families with abundant financial resources, want to buy the best and most beautiful induction cooktop, the Midea MI-T2117DC is created for you. Midea high-end induction cooktop has eight cooking modes: boiling water, soup, hotpot, small fire, stew, big fire, frying, frying, ready to meet all your familys cooking needs. The glass of the stove is designed from tempered, heat resistant glass to help users easily clean after cooking on the stove. Control panel has Vietnamese mode suitable for all users. The cooling fan is designed on three sides of the stove, reducing the temperature quickly, helping to extend the life of the induction cooktop.

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Induction cooktop Midea MI-T2117DC

Steba IK60E induction cooktop

Our last suggestion for wondering which one to buy is the best induction cooktop from Germany: Steba IK60E. Despite being sold at a much higher price than other induction cooktop, Steba proves that it is worthy of this price range thanks to the following preeminent features:

Using the induction cooktop from Steba IK60E helps to save maximum energy thanks to the direct heating mechanism. The glass of the stove is made of scratch-resistant, heat-resistant ceramic, with a temperature range of 60 to 240 degrees Celsius suitable for all cooking modes. It uses a modern touch panel, fully integrated with safety features and utilities such as: child lock function, timer function. Its cabinet design allows users to save a large amount of space in the induction cooktop, avoiding falls, bumps, and creating a sophisticated and luxurious feature for the modern family kitchen.

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Steba IK60E induction cooktop

Above are our answers to your readers questions about choosing the best induction cookware to buy. Hopefully, after this article, readers have found their own choice that suits their needs.

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