Top 5 Best Healthy cookware reviews in 2020: Pros and Cons

The issue of cooking utensils such as pots, pans is related to the health of users, for many years has always been repeated as a painful situation that is very concerned by housewives. How do you choose a healthy cookware? How to research and invest in buying the best and most desirable home appliances? In this article, we will show you healthy cookware reviews and introduction healthy pans for consumers reference and evaluation.

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Suggestions for healthy pans

High quality pure ceramic skillet

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High-class ceramic pan

Pure ceramics are made from natural materials and completely friendly to human health. Pure ceramics do not require enamel coating and will avoid the risk of contamination from poor quality enamel.

Glass pan

According to the best type of pan selected by many people, the pan made of glass is very friendly to human health. Glass saucepan does not smell of processed food, can be used for magnetic cookers, very convenient.

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Glass pans can be used on many types of stoves.

Cast iron pan

Recently in developed countries, housewives tend to switch to cast iron pots and pans. You can rest assured because cast iron is a safe material for health in addition to its high heat holding capacity and great durability.

If you talk about healthy pans without putting cast iron pans to the top, it is a serious omission. Cast iron, composed primarily of iron and carbon, has the highest hardness and brittleness of household materials. Cast iron pans can chemically bind to fats to form a good non-stick polymer coating. These chemical bonds are very natural, under the influence of temperature, so they are safe for health and resistant to high temperatures.

Cast iron pans do not contain toxic substances PFOA, nor PTFE as non-stick pan. This material only releases a certain amount of iron if cooking acidic foods and is sometimes considered a beneficial ingredient instead of being harmful to health. In general, cast iron pans are durable, durable, can cook a variety of dishes, withstand high temperatures, are safe and non-stick, and are certainly the best cooking utensils on the market today. However, choose reputable cast iron makers, because cast iron pans are often in materials easily mixed with harmful impurities.

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Cast iron pans are the best type of healthy pan today

Inox 18/10 stainless steel pan non-stick

Non-stick stainless steel also has many types such as 304, 430, 202, etc. if the 304 stainless steel pan (18/10), it can be considered as the leading safety material today, no harm and no benefit. If the cast iron pan can supplement iron for people who are physically deficient in this mineral, you should only hope that the 18/10 stainless steel pan is completely unhealthy. It is durable, hard, shiny, non-rust pans like cast iron, easy to manufacture, safe, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Before being used as a pan, stainless steel 18/10 was used to produce medical instruments. Like cast iron, you can use 18/10 stainless steel pan to fry, sauté, etc. because it is not covered with non-stick so you can cook at high temperatures without fear of deterioration. They can also be used in ovens and cleaned well by dishwashers.

Stainless steel pan 304

Material 304 stainless steel is very difficult to oxidize, no impurities, no chemical reaction with the food. Pots and pans made of this material often have a shiny surface, but this material is not made from 304 stainless steel pan is also very handy, safe, and clean.

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304 stainless steel saucepan

Some experts also recommend using a stone pan or porcelain pan. These pans are not 100% real stone or ceramic, but just a coating to cover the inside of the pan. In fact, porcelain pans or stone pans are safe and good for health, but in terms of other utilities such as their efficiency and durability, it is not as good as cast iron pans or stainless steel pans.

In addition, if you still need to use non-stick pans, you can refer to some reputable brands such as Fissler or Japanese domestic pans. Although it cannot be called good for health, high-quality non-stick pans will not have a negative effect if you use the pan properly. Just do not boil the pan at too high a temperature, the non-stick pan will still serve the cooking needs of your family without affecting health. You can refer to the best non-stick pan products of Fissler or Japan.

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Choose non-stick pan from high-class and prestigious brands to ensure health

4 types of toxic saucepans to avoid

Some pans that you should not use because they are not as healthy as aluminum or pure copper pans. These metal materials without protective anti-stick coating, when in contact with acidic foods will release heavy metals into food, which is very harmful to health.

On current peoples markets, toxic pots and pans that need to be avoided are rampantly sold with “camouflage layers” being the discounted company goods. So how to identify these pots and pans? Along with them discover through the following article to not buy poor quality goods, health effects.

Poor-quality non-stick pans

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Low-quality non-stick frying pan will be harmful to health

The poor quality saucepan pan has an unstable non-stick layer, does not withstand high temperatures, does not meet the standards of quality safety and adversely affects the health of users.

Pans made of aluminum

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One of the unhealthy pans is usually made of aluminum foil, which affects the nervous system of the user. Over a long period of use, aluminum can infect the body and can cause a number of diseases such as Alzheimers and muscle atrophy.

Pans made of copper

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Copper utensils used in the cooking process, if encountered in food acids, can release copper, causing heavy metal poisoning. The coating of copper pots and pans is usually nickel, and this is also a toxic substance to the body.

Pans made of porcelain enamel

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The enamel coating on ceramic pots and pans is one of the health risk factors. This enamel is usually not durable. Scratches during cooking can release lead and other toxic substances.

Most cases of buying the kind of toxic saucepan to avoid because people rely too much on advertising without looking for it. Therefore, you need to choose the household products of reputable brands, you can refer to 7 best non-stick kitchen pots from Elmich and should choose to buy from genuine distributors not to meet. They must be fake.

Please choose healthy cookwares that are non-stick, non-toxic for yourself, and your family to ensure health and safety.

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