Review Top 5 best durable, safest granite rock pans to purchase

What is a granite stone pan? What are the advantages of using a granite stone pan over other types of pans? Here are suggestions of the top 5 stone pans you should use and the general review of the best granite rock pan that worth your money.

A suitable pan will be an effective assistant to help housewives prepare many delicious dishes easily, keeping high nutritional content. Currently, a stone pan is a product that many people choose to use because of many utilities for quality, longevity, and safety for users. So what is a stone pan? How to choose the best granite rock pan product? Let me find out specifically all the problems in the following article content!

What is a stone pan?

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Stone pan is a pan covered with a small layer of natural stone on the surface of the pan to help prevent adhesion, abrasion and keep heat longer, increasing product life.

Stone pans are developed based on German technology, appearing much later than non-stick pans but also very popular, present in most countries around the world.

Pros and cons of stone pans

Just like other types of pans in the kitchen, stone pans are mainly used for frying, stew cooking many different dishes. Some advantages and disadvantages of a specific granite rock pan below will help you better understand the use of granite rock pan.

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  • Anti-adhesion: Stone pans are often coated with many different non-stick layers, so they do not worry about adhesion or local fire even if you do not use grease.

  • Safe for health: There are 4 layers of pure aluminum, durability, anti-stick and antiseptic, when you use a stone pan, you do not need to worry about the bacteria remaining on the surface. pre-cooking on the pan, do not worry about the metal peeling pan mixed into the food, … granite rock pan ensures a lot more safety for the health of users.

  • Saving cooking oil: With granite rock pan, you do not need or just use a small amount of oil only. This advantage not only saves fat, but also better protects the cardiovascular health of the whole family.

  • Easy to clean: Built-in many high-class non-stick layers, so when cleaning the granite rock pan, it wont take too much time. Even with just a clean towel to wipe gently, the stone pan is as clean as new.

  • Longevity: Stone pan is made up of many layers, coated with high-quality stone anti-stick so the life expectancy is very high. Without breaking or impacting the stone pan, it can be used for several years to decades.


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  • Heavyweight: Each ordinary stone pan will weigh about 1kg, a little inconvenient if children and the elderly use.

  • High price: The price of a stone pan is much more expensive than other non-stick pans.

How to choose the good granite rock pan?

Stone pans are developed based on the outstanding advantages of non-stick pans such as non-stick, do not need a lot of grease, keep heat well for delicious food, safer for health and long life, … However, not all stone pan manufacturers fully meet those criteria with their products.

Because of that, lets pocket a few experiences choose to buy a good durable stone pan and use the safest below:

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The size of the pan is just enough

Many people believe that the size of the pan does not matter, even always buy the largest type possible because the price between small and large does not differ much. However, this is a factor to be considered first when choosing to buy a granite rock pan.

A properly sized stone pan will help the kitchen neater, making the cooking process easier, easier to clean, and clean. You should only choose to buy a large stone pan when your family is full of members!

Durable pan material

Conventional stone pans are made from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, stainless steel. In which if any product is made of stainless steel, you should consider first! Stainless steel conducts heat well, is safe to use, easy to clean, does not corrode or oxidize, so it has a long life.

Best non-stick coating

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Some types of stone pans are covered with natural stone, coated with granite, have an extra antiseptic coating, … choose the best non-stick coating to ensure no peeling when used, not rough. difficult to cook and clean, …

Weight of pan is moderate

If your family has young children and the elderly use a pan, you should choose a lightweight pan. If not, choose a pan that weighs as much as possible! Stone pans with heavy weight will have higher durability, higher heat resistance, heat retention, and spread to help the dish cook quickly, retain more nutrients.

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Prestigious brand name

How the brand will determine the price and quality, durability of that granite rock pan product. Choosing stone pans of a reputable brand will help you feel much more secure.

Suitable for kitchen type

Some types of stone pans are currently not available on induction and infrared cookers. If your family uses these 2 types of stove, it should be noted that you can choose the type of stone pan that can be used! Another special point to note is that the stainless steel stone pan will catch very well, saving a lot of electricity.

In addition, to identify and choose a good durable stone pan, you should check whether the surface of the pan is smooth or not, if your hands touch with strange or black sticky colors, …

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5 best granite rock pans

Sunhouse Non-Stick Fry Pan SBD28

The product is made from 3mm thick aluminum alloy with good durability, absorbing heat and dissipating heat throughout the pan to help cook food quickly and evenly, saving time and electricity.

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Granite rock pan From Kangaroo KG912S

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Products made from high-quality aluminum alloy heat transfer and save time and fuel. The design of the pan is also very beautiful, sophisticated, and luxurious, especially also used for the induction cooker so it will also be a good choice when you need to buy granite rock pan.

Non-stick Stone frying pan Lock & Lock LCA6263D

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Manufactured by Korean Lock & Lock brand, 26cm LCA6263D Non-Stick Lock & Lock Stone Kitchen Pan has a very good quality, which is highly appreciated from design to durability.

Bottom Ice Pan From Colosseum Elmich EL1925 – 2351925

Elmich EL1925 – 2351925 – 28cm pan is made of pure cast aluminum alloy, with up to 7 layers of Hoplon non-stick, used on almost any type of kitchen, …

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Charm Happycook – CHP-24 High-end Pan

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Charm Happycook – CHP-24 – 24cm Pan is made from 99.75% aluminum, coated with non-stick stone, rolled from Bakelite plastic with silicone coating, strong and easy to use.

Hopefully, with the information shared specifically about the stone pans above, it will help you have more useful experience to choose the best and most satisfactory stone pans. Stone pan is one of the pans of good quality, high durability, and ensuring the safety for users. Do not hesitate to buy for your family a product of ice pans shared on it right away!

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