Reviews on the good granite cookware sets in 2020

Granite cookware, specifically, granite pot is one of the kitchen products that many housewives love to use today. However, are these granite pots really good or not? What are some options to take into consideration? Discover it right away in the following detailed review.

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What is a granite pot?

Granite pot is actually a line of high-grade aluminum alloy pot and is covered with inner and outer layers of marble. This stone has excellent adhesive resistance as well as extremely durable, not scratched like other materials. Granite pot lines also have excellent heat transfer and heat retention capacity. Because of this, many housewives love and use the pot made from marble to serve daily cooking.

Granite pot has good resistance to sticking and heat conduction

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Because of the coating inside and outside the multi-layer granite pot, this pot is effectively resistant to sticking. Moreover, this nonstick layer has the advantage of being extremely durable and much better than other nonstick cookware sets on the market.

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How to use the marble pot set

Use the marble pot correctly

  • For marble pot products you should add oil before the pot is hot. The habit of many housewives is to only add oil after the pot gets really hot, but this is only true for stainless steel or metal pots. With the line of marble pot, you should add oil from the beginning of the cooking process to protect the non-stick layer from peeling and damage during the cooking process.

  • Besides, when using the granite pot, you should only give a small amount of grease to create flavors for the dishes. The pot has a non-stick function so you should not abuse this material. Besides, using too much grease is also not good for health.

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  • When using a granite pot you should cook at low or medium temperatures, you should not cook at too high a temperature. Because the granite pot has good heat transfer and heat retention properties, it can only be used below the average temperature to optimize the cooking process. 

  • In addition, you should not use the pot to cook in the microwave or process the dishes, and wooden utensils and utensils will be more suitable for granite pot products.

  • When cooking with marble pot you should not add too much oil

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Clean the granite pot correctly

When you have finished cooking, let the pot cool completely, then clean it. When cleaning, you should use soft cloths, do not use metal scrub pads to clean. Besides, you can use warm water to wash the pot cleaner. Absolutely do not clean the pot with the dishwasher.

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Proper hygiene helps the pot last longer

Suggestions for granite pot sets

The stone pot from Sunhouse SHG2003MMA

This pot set has a beautiful aesthetic design that helps flatter your familys modern kitchen. The pot is made of high-quality aluminum and is coated with a granite anti-stick layer on the inside and outside of the pot. This material will help the pot with extremely good thermal conductivity, besides the Sunhouse SHG2003MMA cookware set can cook on all kinds of home cooking stoves such as gas stoves, magnetic cookers, infrared cookers … extremely. convenient. The lid of the pot is also made from transparent tempered glass so you can observe the food during cooking. The handle and the lid of the pot are made of high-quality Silicon material that is heat-resistant, helping users not to be hot during the process of opening the lid or moving the pot.

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With 3 different sizes, the Sunhouse stone bottom pot set from Sunhouse brand model SHG2003MMA will help users process a lot of different dishes in your family meal.

Set of 4 pots and 2 fry pans from Ilo

This set of 6 products has an extremely unique and beautiful design with the main material made from aluminum and covered with a layer of anti-stick diamonds around the surface. This set of pots can also retain heat and heat well during the cooking process.

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Ilo marble pot set can also be used on all different types of cookers, so it is suitable for all families. Besides, the handle and knob of the lid of the pot are made from Silicon plastic, which is well insulated and safe for users. With this product suite, users can cook any dish from frying, stir-frying, cooking soup to fish storage for meals in your family.

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ILO granite frying pan is appreciated by consumers

Korea King KDC-1200 Granite pot set

This set of Korea King cookware has an extremely delicate design and helps to exaggerate the elegance of your family kitchen. Korea King KDC-1200 marble pot is made of high-quality aluminum and is covered with many layers of anti-stick outside. The pot also has extremely thick walls and bottoms that help the product have good heat conduction and heat transfer during cooking. This will help users to save the maximum amount of gas energy used for each food processing.

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The lid is also made of high-strength tempered glass, thanks to the transparent design, you can easily observe the food during processing.

Mommy Cook MMVSG marble-ceramic porcelain pot

The pot is made of high-quality porcelain material and covered with a nonstick layer of marble outside, creating a luxurious and modern look. The pot has a deep design that can help you cook delicious soups, stews, or stews. The integral handle design with the pot makes it easy to move the pot during cooking. The pot can also be used on gas stoves, induction cookers, or even infrared cookers.

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Mommy Cook porcelain pots help housewives save cooking time

The set of granite cookware with outstanding advantages is one of the best investments in the kitchen of every family. However, you should buy a set of granite pot from genuine brands to ensure the best quality, among a multitude of poor quality products mixed on the market.

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