Review Top 10 Best-selling German electric kettles in 2020

Electric kettle, or super speed kettle, is a household electrical appliance that heats water in a very short amount of time. In this article, DAFUR STOVES introduce to you some of Germanys best-selling electric kettles. There are a variety of brands that makes kettle, however, electric kettle made in germany is believe to be one of the most potential in the market.

Structure of an electric kettle

An electric kettle is made up of the following basic parts:

  • Warm body: usually made from materials such as stainless steel, stainless steel, high quality plastic, glass or aluminum.

  • Warm lid part: most warm lid part made from hard plastic has good insulating effect. Sometimes the lid is made of the same material as the body to enhance the aesthetics. The inside of the lid is fitted with a gasket to prevent overflow when the water boils. The top of the lid has a convenient opening and closing button. Before boiling water, take care to close the lid to activate the sensor system.

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Structure of super speed kettle

  • Electrical parts: Also known as heat trays. This part after being supplied with a power source; will generate heat and transfer to the jar, helping to boil water quickly.

  • The light and the switch: to help users recognize when the kettle is operating, the light will light when the kettle is energized and the user turns on the switch. When the water boils to the right temperature, the built-in sensor will automatically switch off, then the light will turn off.

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  • Sensor system: Thanks to this unit, the kettle will automatically be disconnected when the water is sufficiently boiling. Designed to bring safety to users.

  • Power cord: also known as a plug to help transfer the power inside to the jar to operate. Made of absolute insulating plastic or rubber.

Thanks to the fast heat transfer feature with good conductive warm material. The water in a super speed kettle will boil quickly. Thus, it saves energy and time a lot compared to when boiling water by induction hob, electric cooker or gas cooker.

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The criteria for evaluating the quality of a super speed kettle

Material used to make flasks:

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When it comes to buying any product, looks are probably the first thing many customers consider. Currently, the following materials are commonly used as super speed cookers:

  • Plastic:


  • Lightweight, compact

  • Decorate with eye-catching prints

  • Good insulation

  • Cheap product price

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  • Easily damaged by scratches

  • Foul plastic if buying poor quality goods

Stainless steel or stainless steel:

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  • Popular in the market

  • Gentle, easy to hold and move

  • Excellent thermal conductivity

  • Not easily scratched by a collision

  • Easy to clean 


  • Burns easily if touched by the wall after cooking.

  • Glass:

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  • Beautifully designed, luxurious

  • Easy to clean and clean

  • The water level in the bottle is clearly visible


  • Poor bearing capacity, prone to breakage due to a collision

  • Heavy and inconvenient when moving

Warm capacity

This is also an important factor to consider when buying a kettle. It is not necessarily that the more water you have, the more you save. Because more water equals more electricity. So depending on the purpose and needs of use that choose accordingly to save more.

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  • Choose a super speed kettle with a capacity of less than 1.7 liters: For small families or do not need much boiling water, these capacity bottles are enough. If you only use or prefer to move, you can consider using a mini electric kettle.

  • Choose high-speed kettle with large capacity of over 1.7 liters: For large families or small children who need to use boiling water continuously to mix milk or bath water, etc.

Water heating capacity

This is usually an indicator for the capacity of the vessel. A small capacity of 0.8-1.7 liters requires about 1800-2000 W. If the capacity is larger, the speed of boiling will be faster and the time for boiling will be shortened.

However, of course the power consumption is also proportional.

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The ability to keep warm water

Not just boiling water in an instant; many types of super speed cookers can keep hot water from being heated. Water will be maintained at 85 degrees Celsius for a period of time; for users to use. However, the ability to retain heat of the super speed kettle will not be as long as the thermos that keep it.

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Easy to clean

The material of the jar will greatly affect whether it can be easily cleaned and sanitized. However, most types of thermostats today are easy to clean.

Origin and brand origin

This is also an extremely important factor when the origin and brand are often associated with quality. The famous household electrical appliances manufacturers producing super speed kettle include: Panasonic, Kitchenaid, Severin, Kenwood, Phillips, …

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How to buy a good electric kettle?


The price of a super speed bottle has a big impact on whether or not to buy from users. Like many other household appliances; Electric kettle is also divided into many price ranges for consumers to choose.

Module capacity

The higher the capacity is equivalent to the shorter the cooking time. However, you should note that the power is also proportional to the power consumed. The following is the heating time corresponding to capacity:

  • With a capacity of 1000W: Heating time is equivalent to 7 minutes

  • Power from 1000W-2000W: Cooking time is shortened only about 5 minutes to boiling water.

  • The high-speed kettle with a capacity of over 2000W is equivalent to dizzy heating time with only 3 minutes.

Because high power also leads to high power consumption, you need to consider the needs of the family to choose accordingly, avoiding waste.

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Water capacity of the bottle

Large capacity vessel, the time to heat up and use power is also large. So be a smart consumer; to choose the volume that suits the needs of the family.

German electric kettle: a safe choice

On the market there are 2 types of German kettle. Basically this kettle has the same origin and quality. The difference is quality management as well as after-sales service.

German kettles imported in hand luggage are often sold by individuals. This type of selling often cost much higher while after-sales service is not available. Individuals who sell German kettles imported in hand luggage have almost no warranty nor support when the product goes down. Some places have very short warranties, only 1 to 6 months.

German imported kettles are usually imported and distributed by a company. In terms of quality is also more assured by the process of transporting and preserving goods more professionally. It is important that you carry out the warranty according to the manufacturers standards. During use, out of warranty products have problems you support repair and have components to replace.

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Some of the Best-selling German kettles 

Next, we want to introduce some types of German electric kettles that are selling well. The following products have been purchased, used and responded well by many customers.

German WMF Skyline electric kettle

First of all is the German WMF brand. This is a fairly famous brand for kitchen products. Some typical products such as cookware set, orange juice extractor, saucepan, electric kettle, induction cooker, tea maker, chicken shears, etc. WMF electric kettle is also one of the best selling products today.

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German WMF Skyline electric kettle

German WMF Skyline electric kettle with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Maximum power of 3000w should cook very quickly. Each cooking time only takes 2 to 4 minutes. Warm body WMF Skyline of Germany made from high quality stainless steel safe for health. In addition to the WMF Skyline model, there are other options such as WMF Lono 2 in 1 Vario Wasserkocher (super speed, tea maker) or WMF Lono Vario Wasserkocher glass kettle. This type sells for about 3.5 million.

German Braun electric kettle

Next is the brand Braun with products such as handheld grinders, egg whisks, blender, juicer, shaver, hair removal machine, electric toothbrush, etc. Braun electric kettle is one of the good options for families. Typically, the Braun WK-300 model is manufactured in the Czech Republic. 

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German Braun electric kettle

Braun WK 300 electric kettle is made from high quality plastic. The product is very safe with health. Capacity of 1.7 liters with water level gauge very handy. Besides, a unique design brings a strange style to your home space. Like other products of Braun warm kettle WK 300 very durable.

German Bosch electric kettle

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The Bosch brand is known for its many high-end products for the family. Present in most countries in the world Bosch is appreciated for durability as well as practical applications. In Vietnam, Boschs best-selling products include hand-held grinders, egg whisks, flour mixers, drills, car washers, dishwashers, induction cookers, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. Bosch is imported CBU from Germany. There are many options for families with sleek. The selling price of the product is about 1.5 million or more.

German Klarstein Kettle

Another well-known brand in Vietnam is Klarstein. The products are selling well as slow presses, oil-free fryer, orange squeezer, … Klarstein electric kettle has a unique design with a classic display clock.

The above is some useful information about the electric kettle, as well as the German electric kettle options for you to choose. The kettle is an essential item for modern living, so a good electric kettle is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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