The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know in 2020

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 0

Potts and pans are a must. They are our kitchens building blocks and we prepare the food thanks to their help. They support us with our heaviest-ingredient ragus as well as our simplest scrambled eggs. But not every pot is made equal. Others are better for stock making and others are better for a roux. Some are cast iron, while some are enameled. We demystify the enamel pots cookware, today.

What is an enamel pot?

Vitreous enamel (glass particles fused to an extreme heat underlying layer) provides a non-porous finish that helps protect the composite materials of your pot or saucepan. Its a perfect heat transmitter, it washes effortlessly, it genuinely cant rust, it can cook anything and more (ahem, spaghetti sauce) that perhaps a normal cast iron pan would. Plus-bonus-it available in a number of trendy colors.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 1

The enamel pot is basically glass and metal. The pot is placed in a layer of liquid enamel – which contains glass beads that are heated at high temperatures. This combination makes the enamel pot extremely strong, it is almost unbreakable. Yeast can be dyed with any color, making the enamel products more eye-catching.

Structure of enamel pot set

Similar to stainless steel cookware, enamel cookware is made up of 3 layers, the inner layer is covered with enamel, the outer layer is covered with pattern enamel porcelain, the middle layer is made from high steel core. It has good magnetic and heat transfer capability, making it suitable for all types of stoves, including the most selective induction hobs.

What kind of stoves are enamel cookware used on?

Enamel cookware can be used on all types of stove, such as induction hob, gas stove, infrared stove, etc, which is the outstanding advantage of enamel cookware.

What to know when choosing enamel cookware 

When choosing the best kind of enamel pot, we must remember the following and consider them before buying to be able to buy the most beautiful, quality, and affordable enamel cookware. 

Enamel pot material

Most enamel pots use steel as the inner and porcelain enamel as outer, but each brand uses a different type of steel and the ratio is different, also different enamel technology, which we can easily recognize with through enamel quality.

Size of the pot

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Depending on the needs of the family, you should choose the appropriate pot set, usually the enamel pot set has the size of 16cm, 18cm and 20cm, there are some sets of pots with size up to 24cm.

Origin of the pot

The origin of the pots is quite important, the pots from the country with strict quality control will give better quality products.

Textures on the pot

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Textures on the pot are the deciding factors for consumers to choose, the enamel pot set is famous and attractive to users in the style and high aesthetics, the fine motifs and high-class enamel technology always attract consumers.

Pros of enamel cookware

Preventing food from sticking into the pot

No special maintenance required. The smooth surface of the enamel not only prevents the food from sticking to the pot during cooking, but the remaining dirt or bacteria can easily be removed without scrubbing or using pieces like cleaning steel (something you shouldnt use on enamel surfaces: they can damage surfaces)

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 2

The enamel pot prevents food to stick into the bottom

Good thermal conductivity and heat retention

With this feature, it can be cooked in medium and small heat but can still cook with high temperatures, so it brings a very high economic efficiency, the food flavor is kept unchanged, minimizing the impact on the substance content. nutrition in food.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 3

Durable with heat

Enamel pan can withstand high temperatures. Except for microwave ovens, glazed pots can be used well in dishwashers and ovens. The enamel pot can withstand cold temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius and hot temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius. In addition, the enamel pot also withstands sudden changes of temperature.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 4

Enamel pan is durable with high heat

No color adhesion, no effect on chemicals

Colors last for a long time, glowing and dazzling with time, especially under light effects, ultraviolet rays, and atmospheric agents. The closed surface prevents bacterial growth and growth as well as mold and dirt. Enamel pan is also quite inert to chemicals

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 5

 Does not absorb odors and does not create harmful substances

The enamel pot is baked at high temperatures so it does not react with acidic or alkaline components such as tomatoes, oranges, tangerines, or wine, so it is very safe to use.

When you cook at high temperatures, chemical reactions on the surface of cookware can create substances that are detrimental to human health. These substances, along with food, are absorbed into the body, clogging blood flow.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 6

Enamel cookware is safer for your family’s health

Contaminants work with cookware, which can degrade vitamins and minerals. But, this does not happen with enamel cookware. The enamel coating prevents direct contact of the surface with the food and thus prevents these reactions. If a client is experiencing total body weakness or immunodeficiency, enamel is a great choice.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 7

In addition to the advantages of clean, beautiful appearance, enameled material is also considered to be safe for health.

However, housewives do not prefer enamelware because they are difficult to use and preserve. In fact, this is not a major concern if you know how to “take care” of enamelware properly. Refer to the tips below to use enamelware that is easy, safe, and effective.

Instruction for using enamel cookware

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How to cook with enamel pot

A cast-iron pot coated with hard enamel will be able to retain twice as much heat as other normal metal materials and is easy to clean thanks to the smooth enamel. To ensure the success of the dish when cooking with enamel utensils, you can apply the following steps:

  • Step 1: Put the enamel pot on the stove with medium heat. Enamelware is suitable for both gas and electric stoves. Let the pot heat for 20-30 seconds, without having to cover.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 9

  • Step 2: Add oil or butter to rinse the bottom of the pot if you are cooking low-fat dishes.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 10

  • Step 3: Add the ingredients and spread them evenly so that they cover the surface of the bottom of the pot. Defrost all ingredients before adding them to a hot enamel pot.

  • Step 4: Increase the temperature of the kitchen to medium-high to cook. Stir the food gently with tools that are not able to scratch the enamel (such as wooden scoops …).

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 11

  • Step 5: Reduce the heat to low when the food is cooked, use the lid again. If you prepare grilled food, you can continue to move the pot to the grill that has been heated to around 140 degrees C and continue cooking. Then, turn on the reheat mode of the stove and cook until the food is fully cooked.

 How to clean

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 12

When cleaning the enamel pot, you should pay attention:

  • For new pots: remove all labels on the pot, wash them with warm soapy water and allow to dry completely before use.

  • Should wait for the pot to cool completely soak them in water.

  • Do not use metal dishwashing or abrasive materials to clean the enamel pan as the enamel will be damaged. If necessary, fill the pot with warm water and soak for about 20 minutes to soften the remaining food and then wash with soap.

  • Always leave the pan dry after washing.

The advantages of enamel pots that you need to know 13

Review Top 5 best enamel pot set today

To help consumers choose more easily, we have collected from many different sources to choose the Top 5 most bought and best enamel cookware sets in the past time.

Fujihoro enamel pot set FTCV-3 

Fujihoro is a famous Japanese brand of enamel cookware products. Currently, Fujihoro has 2 factories in Japan and Thailand. Fujihoro enamel pot set FTCV-3 includes 3 pots with capacity of 1.4L, 2.4L, and 3.9L This pot set is suitable for families of 5 people, outside the pot is covered with vivid mushroom texture, the inside is covered with white porcelain enamel, in the middle is a steel core.

Fujihoro enamel pot set FTCV-3 can be used on all types of stoves, including gas stoves, induction hobs, and infrared stoves, and the pots have good heat absorption capacity so that the food cooks faster and softer,  and shorten cooking time.

Fujihoro enamel pot set FRV-3 

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Fujihoro pot set FRV-3 is known as the best-selling enamel pot set even today in Japan, Thailand,  and India, the pot set has a beautiful fruit-shaped pattern design. Along with the luxurious pot design,  white enamel inside makes it the most attractive enamel pot set. Fujihoro 3-pot FRV-3 enamel pot set can be used on all types of stoves due to the inner structure of steel core

Fujihoro FRV-3 originated from Thailand, manufactured by Fujihoro factory, the product has a clear origin, so consumers don’t need to worry about it.

Fujihoro enamel pot set MCPV-3 

Fujihoro MCPV-3 set of 3 enamel pot is quite different from the 2 sets of enamel pot above, the pot set includes one 16cm pot, one 20cm pot and one 22cm pot, with flower pattern.

However, the pot is still designed in 3 layers, with the inner layer covered with white porcelain enamel, the outside is enameled with flower patterns, the middle layer is made from high-grade steel core has good magnetic absorption ability.

As the above sets, the Fujihoro MCPV-3 enamel pot set can be used on all kinds of stoves. The pots have the ability to capture heat better than typical pots, so that the food is cooked faster, shortening cooking time.

High-quality enamel pot set Mishio MK5G

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The price of a set of 5 high-class enameled pots Mishio MK5G is quite reasonable. This set includes 5 pots with different sizes: 18cm, 20cm, 22cm, 24cm, 26cm. 

The pot is designed with 3 layers. The middle layer is made of steel, the inside is white porcelain enamel, the outside is enameled with fruit motifs.

Fujihoro enamel autoclave IRV-24SM 

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If you are looking for an enamel autoclave, the Fujihoro IRV-24SM will be a great product for your family, not only as a steamer but also as a great hotpot for use on all types of stoves such as induction hob, gas stove and infrared stove.

With a capacity of 6.1L, the pot can be used as a hotpot for 6 people to eat or steam 2kg of food. It has a beautiful design with a rose pattern that helps the pot stand out and appeal to users.

Like other Fujihoro pots, the Fujihoro IRV-24SM enamel cooker has a diameter of 24cm, 6.1L capacity, the inside is covered with high-grade porcelain enamel, the outside is enameled with rose patterns, the inside is made from steel core.

A basic, 10-inch enamel pot is a perfect device that can be used in any kitchen. This can do all sorts of jobs, and is relatively easy to deal with once its seasoned. Enameled pots are perfect for a multitude of stuff, essential to furnish a kitchen for beginners. If you enjoy cooking, its a brilliant suggestion to save up for a high-quality Enameled pots that can last a lifetime.

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