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Why does everyone choose enamel pot?

It can be easily seen in the kitchen of every home that the cookware is gradually being changed. The aluminum cookware gradually disappears, instead of enamel cookware sets. No wonder many people wonder why enamel pots are increasingly popular. 

With the advantage of beautiful design, durable heat retention, enamel pots and pans are so “hot” at the Vietnamese market, stirring the kitchen of modern homemakers.

Although appearing on the market for a short time, enamel pan quickly gained sympathy from users. It has created a new consumption and cooking trend among Vietnamese homemakers.

There are some enamel cookware reviews, as following:

What is enamel pot?

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First, well find out what the enamel pot is. Enamel pot is a strain placed in a layer of liquid enamel. Containing glass beads is heated under high temperatures. Basically, enamel pot is a combination of metal and enamel. This combination helps the pot to be very strong and durable over time.

Structure of enamel pan

Enamel pan is basically glass and metal. The pot is placed in a layer of liquid enamel which contains glass beads that are heated at high temperatures. This combination makes the enamel pot with extremely strong, almost unbreakable power.

Next is the anti-fouling properties on the surface, especially the outer surface of the body and the bottom of the pan. Combined with high heat-resistant properties, this advantage allows the enamel surface to be extremely easy to clean, clean after each use, and does not discolor the outside even in direct contact with the flame.

In addition, the ability to create a high gloss of the non-stick coating surface. With the link covering the hard and firm surface, enamel products have a glossy surface, and bright colors make the product much more eye-catching.

Enamel can be dyed with any color to make the product much more eye-catching. It is one of the factors that makes enamel pan and pan always attract everyones eyes at first sight.

Pros of enamel pot

Good non-stick enamel pan

As I mentioned above, with enamel coating, the food will not stick to the pot during the cooking process, but the remaining stains or bacteria will be easily washed after soaking in water in few minutes. You do not need to scrub or use steel brushes. This will ensure that the pot does not peel; the appearance will always be eye-catching.

Enamel pan is very good at heat conduction and heat retention.

With a unique design, this pot will conduct heat very well. Despite the heat on low heat, the food is cooked evenly and quickly. So both save electricity and gas costs and keep the flavor of food intact.

Enamel pan is very resistant to heat.

Enamel pan can withstand cold temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius and hot temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius. Except microwaves, you can comfortably cook with induction hob and gas stove, and oven even used with Dishwasher always.

Colored enamel pot does not work with chemicals.

Colors last for a long time, glowing and dazzling with time, especially under light effects, ultraviolet rays, and atmospheric agents. The closed surface prevents bacterial growth and growth, as well as mold and dirt. Enamel pan is also quite inert to chemicals. This will ensure the health of users.

Enamel pan does not absorb odors and produces no harmful substances.

Because of its high temperature, the enamel pan will not react with acidic or alkaline components, so it is safe to use.

Contaminants work with cookware, which can degrade vitamins and minerals. However, this does not happen with enamel cookware. The enamel coating prevents direct contact of the surface with the food and thus prevents these reactions.

How to choose a good enamel pan?

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To choose a quality enamel pot, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Address of purchase: You should go to prestigious places. Do not buy cheap goods but buy in places without any brand!

  • Warranty: When choosing to buy enamel cookware, you should pay attention to the warranty period and the parts covered.

  • Product price: As I said, you should not buy cheap goods to avoid poor quality goods. But not every expensive product is good! You should refer to the market price and take advantage of promotions to buy goods at the lowest price.

Experiences for using the most durable and safe porcelain enamel pot

Porcelain enamel pot, also known as enamel pot, is loved by many families because of its beautiful appearance, elegance, delicious cooking, and, importantly, less harm when there is no chemical reaction during the cooking process. 

Although the pot is so expensive, the protection of the pot is more difficult to keep the pot used for a long and durable.

Use a saucepan over medium heat, avoiding metal patches

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Enamel pan retains heat very well, to prevent food from burnt and yellowing, difficult to clean, first use a small fire, the paragraph needs to be cooked slightly increased is Ok. Using enameled pot saves fuel, with the high temperature of the pot makes the cooking process faster, and the dish is more delicious.

Enamel pan always has a non-stick layer, to limit scratches, it is best not to use metal patches to avoid scratching the pot, the non-stick layer peeling off makes the body infected. The advice is to shop for stylish wooden patches.

Wash gently

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To avoid scratching the non-stick layer as well as the enamel, when cleaning, do not use zinc cleaners. Should soak in warm water for sticky food and then wipe clean with a sponge. So surely never fear being scratched always.

After washing, wipe the pot dry and then continue using it. Note that do not soak the pot in cold water when it is still hot, but the pot is sure, but it should be noted, many pots have cracked in two.

Note, do not knock the spoon, patch into the pot, because it is easy to crack the pot. If you want to use durable goods, you have to be careful.

Porcelain enamel pot has toxic lead?

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I have researched several websites reporting that enamel pots contain enamel with a lot of lead and toxic metals, I have found many different sources on this issue, so I share it for everyone to know and feel secure to use it.

Firstly, poor quality ceramics are often mixed with lead to create colors and make the porcelain balls shine more beautiful. Besides, reducing the heating temperature, saving fuel.

Importantly, most of these ceramics do not include enamel pots, and most of them have a vivid color. By the way, if your home likes ceramic, choose plain white dishes that will be safer.

Understanding the origin of the product is also very important, so you should not buy floating products, colorful, susceptible to dangerous diseases for the body.

Second, the enamel pot is coated with a common non-stick layer, Teflon. I also recommended that if this layer is peeling or enamel peeling away, you should leave, so be careful when using it.

So there is no story about lead-enameled pot, which is contaminated with lead like the news sources. Everyone can safely use their beloved enamel pot.

These worries also indicate that a quality product should be selected and weighed and measured before being shipped. Most of the products with high lead are Chinese products, but they are labeled by Europe, America, etc. Everyone should be very careful.

We have just shown you enamel cookware reviews, especially, enamel pots and pans reviews. Hopefully, these information will help homewives understand enamel cookware clearly and choose the best enamel cookware for their family.

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