Which brands have good and electricity-saving induction hobs?

Compared to conventional types of stoves, induction and infrared stoves help housewives save time in the kitchen as well as diversify cooking functions. However, on the market currently, there are many types of induction and infrared cooktop from many brands at different prices. So what are the things to keep in mind so that you can choose for yourself an induction hob or infrared stove that is suitable for the family, electricity-saving, and safe when using? Lets find out the best stoves to choose from this article. 

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 0

Should you choose an infrared stove or induction stove?

Infrared stove and induction stove are both household products chosen by many modern families. Accordingly, each type has its pros and cons:

Type of stoveInfrared stoveInduction stove
DescriptionApply infrared light energy to heat the glass and heat it out.Using electromagnetic induction to generate heat, thereby heating the pot – pan directly.
Pros– Suitable for most pot – pan materials.- Can directly grill on the kitchen surface.– Cooking efficiency reaches 90%.- Shorten cooking time.- Low power consumption.- Safe for children.
ConsNeed to choose products with “Child Lock” to ensure safety for children.Only use with pots – pans with magnetic bottom

When choosing to buy an induction stove, which criteria are we usually interested in?

Which types of induction stove is the best?

Depending on the demand and the size of the kitchen space, you can choose the right product. Specifically:

Portable Induction Cooktop

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 1

This type of hob does not need to be installed. At the same time, you also have the flexibility to move products in any position you like. In addition, the price of these cooktops is also cheaper than built-in induction hobs.

– Built-in Induction Cooktop:

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 2

Built-in Induction Cooktop is not flexible to move. It requires users to have a large kitchen space to install the product. However, these stoves can be built beautifully to look like a part of the countertop and are pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, this type of kitchen is also quite neat. Moreover, with a fashionable design, the built-in induction cooktop will help the kitchen become more sophisticated and luxurious.

Choose to buy Induction hob according to the type of control panel on the hob

– Touch control:

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 3

The operation is done on touch control similar to how you use the smartphone. Because the buttons do not float on the surface of the kitchen, just touch the button position in the mode you need to use.

– Electronic control:

A kind of control panel is quite popular in the induction hobs from low to mid-range prices. When using, you need to press the electronic buttons floating on the kitchen. Some products also feature an LCD screen that makes it easy to see and adjust the kitchens functions.

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– Electronic control combined with mechanical:

This panel combines 2 mechanical technologies and electronic buttons. In addition to being comfortable in adjusting functions, operations on electronic control, mechanical combinations are also performed extremely quickly.

– Touch control with mechanical knobs:

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Besides the touch panel, an induction stove is also equipped with a mechanical knob to adjust the temperature. Products equipped with touch panel with mechanical knobs are chosen by many people because of its simplicity of use.

Should buy induction stove with how many ovens?

The number of family members greatly influences the decision on the number of ovens of the induction hob. If your family has less than 4 members, a single or double ovens induction hob will be the perfect choice. However, if your family has a large number of members, you need to choose a induction stove with more than 2 ovens.

Besides, stove sizes are also very diverse. In order to avoid consuming electricity, ensuring the best heating effect for the stove, you should choose the induction stove with the suitable size for the kitchen utensils (pots, pans, pots, pans, etc.). ..) available by family.

Choose to buy Induction stove according to the surface 

Currently, there are many different types of surface materials of induction stoves on the market. Accordingly, each type of material its own highlights. The following are information about 6 types of materials glass kitchen surfaces are very popular:

– Ceramic glass:

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 5

This material is also known as glass porcelain. The difference of this type of stove is that it possesses a lot of silicon on the glass surface, so that the induction hob equipped with this material are able to withstand heat up to 1000 ºC. At the same time, Ceramic glass also limits the fouling as well as the sudden change of temperature. The disadvantage of Ceramic glass is that its ability to withstand the impact of external forces is quite weak, so users should be careful when placing any items on the kitchen.

– Heat resistant glass:

Heat-resistant glass is the kind of material of induction hob’s surface has the cheapest price today. The advantage of this material is that it can withstand very high temperatures. In addition, the ability to withstand external forces and brightness after a period of use is also highly rated by users.

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– Eurokera glass:

Eurokera glass was first manufactured in the 1990s by two multinational companies, Saint-Gobain and Corning Inc. This material is able to withstand up to 700 degrees C. In addition, Eurokera Glass also possesses high durability compared to other materials in the same price range.

– Schott glass:

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Schott glass is a product from SCHOTT International Technology Group, Germany. The process of manufacturing this type of glass is very special: First, the glass is heated to about 700 ° C, then the glass will be immediately cooled, thereby forming an extremely high-strength film on the surface. Schott glass is often applied on high-grade induction stoves.

Choose to buy Induction Stove by wattage

The capacity of the product will depend on the number of ovens of the induction stove you want to buy. This means that the more ovens you want to buy, the higher wattage they are. However, you should choose products that can flexibly change wattage to save power when cooking.

Products on the market today usually have a wattage of 1200W to 2000W. However, some products equipped with Booster mode give users an additional power level of over 2000W. These products are usually from European manufacturers and are quite expensive.

Which brand you should buy induction stove from?

Philips induction stove

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As a famous company from the Netherlands, Philips induction stoves have been trusted by many customers. Stable quality, diverse products, affordable prices, … are the advantages that make the company highly appreciated. In addition, the company also provides users with child lock, timer and many different cooking modes.

Midea induction stove

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 8

Founded in 1980, Midea has now become one of the well-known household electronics brands in China. Not only has the strength in the product of induction hob, the company also has a high market in other products such as microwave ovens, ovens, electric cookers, …

Despite the relatively cheap price and many convenient functions, there are still major disadvantages in the design. Accordingly, the rough, unattractive appearance makes the product difficult to fit into luxurious kitchen spaces.

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Bluestone induction stove

Which brands have good and electricitysaving induction hobs 9

With a fashionable, attractive appearance, the induction stove from this US brand is being chosen by many modern families. In addition, Bluestone induction stove also limits the fouling as well as helps users easily clean after each cooking. At the same time, the company is also appreciated for its durability, bearing capacity as well as other utilities.

Above are the tips as well as suggesting the induction stoves are popular with many users. Wish you will find the induction hob suitable for the needs of your family.

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