Tips for buying and preserving ceramic cookware

Many housewives often use kitchen utensils made of metal and alloy because of their convenience and low cost. However, as people began to become more aware of habits that affect health and the environment, ceramic kitchen utensils gradually became a community trend because this material had more advantages compared to materials like aluminum, cast iron, or other metals and alloys. Not only that, but ceramic cookware items are also often beautiful and luxurious design.

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High-quality cooking utensils are usually made entirely of clay and baked in high-temperature furnaces. A hard enamel coating is then applied to increase durability and create properties that match the healthy cook criteria. 

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Currently, high-class ceramic pans and pots have appeared in many kitchens. Besides, many families also choose to buy sets of cups, bowls, forks, trays, spoons, jars, jars, etc. made of porcelain.

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Discover the significant advantages of ceramic cookware

Ceramic kitchen utensils have become the first choice of housewives before many products from other materials such as plastic or metal. In modern living spaces, it is now easy for you to encounter dishes, trays, spoons, spice jars or ceramic pots, jars, etc.

So what advantages have created a strong attraction for ceramic cookware? The detailed information revealed in this article will definitely help you decipher the question, thereby making a decision that best suits your needs.

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The advantages of ceramic items include:

  • Thanks to the ability to absorb heat and retain heat well, ceramic pots and pans will save energy and cooking time compared to aluminum or stainless steel pots and pans.
  • Diverse in usage: Can cook on many types of stoves: gas stoves, electric stoves, infrared stoves, charcoal stoves, etc. or use with a microwave to reheat food.
  • Less dirty, grease so that cleaning will be easier.
  • Does not contain toxic substances such as lead, copper, aluminum or cadmium
  • There is almost no chemical reaction between food and cookware when used, helping to keep the food taste better.
  • More durable than metal products, alloys, and no peeling or deformation during use.

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Some notes when using ceramic items

  • Do not slip the ceramic pot on the glass surface of the stove, as it may scratch the glass surface.
  • Should put the pot underneath the ceramic pot to avoid heat imprints on the table.
  • You can refer to the tips for storing ceramics to preserve your ceramic items well.

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Tips for storing ceramic cookware 

Most of those who love to cook have many ceramic items such as cups, plates, pots, pots, etc. for different special occasions because ceramic items are usually durable, easy to clean, and have good heat resistance. However, these are also quite bulky items, so storing them neatly but still clean, safe is not easy. In this article, DIVA Ceramics will present you with a few tips to keep ceramics always sanitary and ready when needed.

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Tip 1: Always wrap every item very carefully

To keep items away from dirt during storage and minimize the possibility of impact, chipping, you need to wrap them carefully with a clean, special-use polyethylene paper, polyfoam plastic or paper. Thick and chewy napkins. Avoid using newspaper because the toxic ink in the newspaper is contaminated with ceramics.

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Tip 2: Take advantage of available cartons

If there are cartons in your house, you can use them to store ceramics. You can reinforce the bottom more firmly, clean them and then start lining up the items. You should also use the individual boxes of cardboard to “divide the room” inside the box, for example, a bowl and a space.

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Tip 3: Use appropriate sized canvas bags

Some people will not like to use carton because it is so beautiful, bulky, and cramped for the kitchen. In this case, you can buy or make your own bags with thick, zippered fabric and sizes suitable for household items. Choose a bag with extra firm cushioning to help reduce the impact on the move.

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Tip 4: Always remember to write your name and label

After the ceramic items are wrapped and stored, you will not be able to recognize which item the bag contains, what pattern, for which occasion … To remember, you should use write down the name, purpose of use. Use the item on a paper carton/bag.

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Tip 5: Put stacked dishes vertically

Instead of placing the dishes on the table as usual, you should place them vertically because the edge of ceramic dishes is usually stronger than the center, helping to minimize the damage caused by the impact. Please note this tip if the storage space is limited, and you do not want to spend too much effort wrapped.

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Tip 6: Classify

If you set up a bowl with a bowl, a plate with a dish will save you much time, effort, and area. However, you should still arrange 1-2 sets with the same situation of use because synchronization always brings a sense of luxury and sophistication.

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Tip 7: Benign and natural deodorizer

Look for aromatic bags containing moisture-proof seeds, activated charcoal in combination with flowers, dried seeds such as lavender, coffee, mint, green tea, put them in ceramic containers to ward off insects, and reduce the amount. Moist in the barrel.

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How to buy quality ceramic cookware 

Ceramics have always been preferred and used by many people. It is not only used but also used as gifts, presents, or souvenirs … Thats why nowadays on the market. The school sells many different types of ceramics, we can freely choose, but it is not easy to choose quality products. To avoid buying low-quality products, you should choose commercial products, long-term brand, glossy enamel, do not choose products with yeast-stripped enamel, or products doped with rough materials.

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Identify through product material

When buying ceramic products, use your fingertips to tap on porcelain. If you hear the sound of a “coong” like a metal, it is a good one, and if you hear a heavy cry and cast, it is a poor quality product. For products that are plates, bowls and ceramic trays, there are three options: look, face and type.

Glaze test on the product: Visually, the naked eye can also easily see the brightness, dullness of objects, the dark or dark colors of the drawings, will also clearly see cracks. , black spots of the product. So when looking with the naked eye, we should carefully observe to identify the characteristics of the product, then we will know what is quality , what is poor quality.

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Turn the bowl or saucer upside down on a flat surface or turn them upside down to see exactly how their roundness is distorted. If the object is round and symmetrical, it will not show the deviation when facing up, while the bow will be curved, the two mouths will certainly not match as well as when it is facing down, it will create a curve.

In addition, you should use a small stick to tap on the bowl or plate gently. If you see the sound is crispy, it is a right product, and if the sound is cloudy and for debris, make sure That product has a crack that we havent seen yet.

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Get to know through the pattern details

When choosing ceramic products, you should select the type of few patterns as possible and should use white. Because the more patterns there are, the higher the lead content will be, the worse for your health. Because when the ceramic is baked to 1000 degrees, it will not be colored. Especially when the patterned images are printed close to the edge of the cup – where we are exposed the most will affect health because lead will easily penetrate the users body.

Select through the products yeast

When choosing to buy ceramics, you should choose products with glossy water, products with signs of cracking, crows feet, products with roughness and impurities, we should not choose.

With good products, the quality will have a smooth, glossy enamel layer, no lead, the pattern on the product will have a protective layer so it wont be scratched high temperature, from hot to cold and vice versa. So these products you can safely use, whether washed in a dishwasher or in the microwave, are okay.

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With poor quality products, it will be painted on the details of the pattern, but without protective enamel, when you touch, you will not feel smooth but see the roughness of the texture by embossing on the surface of the product. With these products, it is often baked at low temperatures to ensure the color of the product is beautiful, so that it does not deplete the lead in objects. So when we use it to store hot foods, the lead in the pigments will float away and stick to the food, which will seriously affect health. With these items, you must never put them in the microwave or use the dishwasher to wash them.

Advantages of using a ceramic pot:

The best ceramic cookware for induction stove in the kitchen 1

  • Ceramic cookware set has inert properties, resistant to heat as well as to large thermal shocks. Thats why you can use ceramic cookware on any type of stove, and can move and place them anywhere. Whether its an oven, an electric hob, or the refrigerator.

  • Ceramic pot is safe because it uses natural materials, does not contain toxic substances. It can be said that ceramic pots are the oldest kitchen utensils ever since the introduction of human civilization. Using ceramic pots and pans is a natural form of worship, returning to purity and respect for traditional values.

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  • If the microwave is a weakness of metal pots and pans, on the contrary, it becomes a great advantage of ceramic pots. Ceramic does not respond to microwaves, does not endanger users.

  • Ceramic pot has the ability to retain the natural flavor of the dish.

  • Ceramic material has poor heat transfer, nor can it retain heat as long as a metal pot. Therefore, cooking with ceramic pots is less dangerous.

The best ceramic cookware for induction stove in the kitchen 2

Eco-friendly porcelain products are very safe because they are made from natural and benign rare earth materials, do not contain common toxic substances such as lead, cadmium … reduce the risk of accumulating cancer-causing toxins.

Should we use ceramic pots for induction stove?

Users no longer have to worry about porcelain pots that cannot cook on induction stove anymore. Because the current set of porcelain pots is specifically designed, you can cook with the ability to catch heat quickly, heat transfer evenly.

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Ceramic pots nowadays can also be used on top of induction stove

Porcelain pots for magnetic cookers have increasingly beautiful designs, diverse designs to attract users. This material is easier to create graphics than any other material. Therefore, many people prefer to use porcelain pots with beautiful, more luxurious motifs than stainless steel pots or monotonous glass pots.

Even a pot can be used instead of large bowls for soup, displayed on the table is still polite without anyone knowing it is a cooking pot.

The most important thing is why consumers like porcelain cookers because it ensures the health of its members. Porcelain pot made from natural materials, absolute safety. If using a ceramic cooker from the kitchen, the food is cooked evenly, the food retains its flavor and nutrients.

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The ceramic cookware set is also coated with non-stick enamels inside, which cook without burning, close to food, and easy to clean. Porcelain material absolutely never rusted or oxidized even when old.

Another plus point of a ceramic cooker from the kitchen is that it can withstand high temperatures without cracking, there are many types of porcelain pots used for magnetic cookers also withstand thermal shock up to 800 degrees C.

In particular, the market also has a high-class nourishing porcelain pot, users can refer to this pot to ensure the cooking and health of family members.

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Best porcelain pots for the kitchen

Ceramic porcelain pot from Elmich royal el-3700

Elmich is a famous brand of kitchenware. In addition to the ceramic porcelain bottom pot from Elmich royal el-3700, Elmich is also very popular with women and consumers about the stainless steel cookware set from the kitchen.

Elmichs ceramic pot brings high aesthetics, the bottom of the pot catches heat quickly, evenly from the bottom of the pot to the body of the pot, helping to cook quickly, the food is cooked evenly.

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The porcelain pot from Elmich also has many sizes for you to choose from. From 20 – 28cm. Users can choose the cooking pot according to the appropriate size.

The best ceramic cookware for induction stove in the kitchen 6

Elmichs ceramic bottom pot products are manufactured on high-tech, European-standard SGS line. This standard helps limit the toxic substances in household products. In particular, porcelain pot for the kitchen from Elmich ensures no special substances dangerous to the health of users and the environment. Such as: Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Hexavalent Chromium valence 6 (Cr), PBBs, PBDEs.

Porcelain ceramic pot from Royalcooks

Another option for users who love porcelain ware is the Royalcooks porcelain cookware set. The pot set has an eye-catching pattern design, many sizes suitable for the size of the cooking area of ​​the electromagnetic stove. The small size pot looks like a beautiful umbrella bowl, has an extremely luxurious, polite lid.

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Porcelain cookers from Royalcooks

But the great thing about ceramic cookware set from this level is its heat resistance. Royalcooks can withstand temperatures up to 1320 degrees C, thermal shock resistance from -20 degrees C to 550 degrees C. You can fully use the pot to cook at high temperatures without worrying about the cracked or broken pot in use process.

The best ceramic cookware for induction stove in the kitchen 8

The inside of the pot is covered with porcelain, extremely good anti-sticking, easy to clean after use. It also has the ability to withstand peak strength, impact resistance, scratches.

If you do not use an induction hob, I think you should still buy a set of Royalcooks porcelain pots to experience the aesthetics, usability, durability, and ability to preserve nutrients when cooking this product.

The best ceramic cookware for induction stove in the kitchen 9

And more ceramic cookers from other brands are being chosen by many users. You can refer to the products above that we have just shared, DAFUR STOVES sure you will be satisfied with the experience they bring to your cooking time. Have fun cooking!


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