Review Top 10 best non-stick pans in 2020

Frying pan is an indispensable item in every family. Nowadays, various kinds of pans are made from many different materials such as Teflon, iron, aluminum, from cheap products to expensive ones with high durability. Many products offered by familiar kitchenware makers such as Kangaroo, Elmich, Sunhouse, Lock & Lock, Supor, Happycook, may make you wonder which is the best pan, suitable for your needs. 

This article shows you how to choose a pan as well as suggest the 10 best non-stick pans. Along with that is the detailed characteristics of how to choose non-stick pans from material, size to weight, and durability. The products introduced below will carry different characteristics suitable for each purpose of use. Hope you will find a non-stick pan giving you the most comfortable feeling to use.

How to choose a non-stick pan

First of all, we would like to introduce the points to keep in mind when choosing a non-stick pan such as material, size, features, etc.

Choose material & structure of frying pan following usage

There are many different materials used to make non-stick pans, but to choose the right pan, it is important to understand the characteristics of each material. So please consult carefully to choose the right type of pan to suit your needs.

  • Fluorine Pan (Teflon): Good Adhesive, Surface Burnt

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Teflon pans can make almost any dish and are easy to use even for beginners. With this pan, the food will not easily burn even when you use only a small amount of oil, so it will ensure the health benefits of the dishes when cooked. You can also buy these products at a low price, and this is also a popular pan because it is easy to clean after using.

However, this type of pan is vulnerable to heat and impact. The coating is easy to peel off when using a metal spoon to scratch the surface of the pan or like reheating a pan without using water. Even people with low frequency use the life of the pan can only last 2 to 3 years, so you have to replace the pan regularly.

  • Iron Frying Pan: Multi-purpose pan can be used for a long time

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Iron pans can hold and conduct heat high and have the appeal of ruggedness. Although heavy and expensive, the durability will not diminish if you know how to clean after use. This type of pan is also suitable for long-term use.

However, if you are using it for the first time, there will be a little trouble for the pan to get used to the oil, and after use must be very careful not to pan rust. It will be a bit of a hassle to get used to the pan, but if you take good care of it will last a long time. Besides, this pan can also be used to prepare a variety of dishes.

  • Other Materials: Choose A Pan To Match The Dishes That You Trace

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Besides Teflon and iron, aluminum, cast and copper are also used. Because different ingredients are suitable for preparing different dishes, you can choose according to the menu that you make well or according to your own style of cooking. Cast pans are easy to transfer heat deep into food, so the surface is flammable, suitable for making dishes such as steak or hamburger.

A copper pan has excellent heat transfer, so it is suitable for those who want to cook dishes that require a pan that can distribute heat evenly, for example, when frying an egg.

If you want to make Italian pasta, vermicelli or stir-fried noodles regularly, the lightweight and pan-shaking aluminum pan is the best choice. Besides, it is also suitable for dishes with a strong flavor because of its good heat transfer.

  • Choose size from 26 to 28 cm as standard

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It is difficult to work with a pan that is too small or too large, so choose a diameter of the pan from 26 to 28 cm as standard. This is the right size to cook for a few people and is also useful if you are alone.

In addition, there are some products with a compact size of only 20cm and  32cm wide. Choosing these types depends on the circumstances of use. For comfortable use for the primary purpose, you can choose from various sizes if needed.

  • Choose 1kg pan down to use one hand

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 4

Most non-stick pans today weigh about 1 kg but are difficult to use with one hand if there is more food inside. It is ideal if you can handle everything with one hand without any difficulty, so choose the lighter one possible. You can easily handle it with one hand if it weighs about 1 kg or less and consider this is the standard measure to determine.

  • Handle material-determination of pan is easy to hold

Since you often shake the pan when you cook stir-fries, check the texture of the handle to see how easy it is to hold.

Plastic or Wood: Safe Use For Non-Thermal Conductivity

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 5

Plastic or wooden handle ensures safety because it is difficult to get hot during use. Also, with the ability to prevent slippery, and have dents, this type of pan holds quite firmly. If you think about the safety for the elderly or children to use, then this type of pan also considers this factor.

However, you cannot rely too much on the durability of this handle. Attention should be paid to weak points that are susceptible to damage, and threaded screws can easily be loosened, so it is essential to check regularly.

Metal: Durable and Hard to Build Up Dirt

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 6

Many metal handles are molded seamlessly with the main body, and many models are firmly welded, and are characterized by high strength. Because there are few joints, it is difficult to accumulate dirt, and this is the advantage of this pot when it is always clean.

However, if the pot burns for a long time, the handle will become very hot, so you must take safety measures, such as using a pot clip or gloves to prevent scalding.

Top 10 Best Non-Stick Pans

Here, we would like to introduce to you the Top 10 best non-stick pans.

Supor Deep Frying Pan With Supor F09A24 (24cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 7

Deep Frying Pan with Lid, Easy Cooking Oil Spill and Safe Use

The product is made of 3003 international aluminum alloy for high durability, wear-resistance and offers a long service life. Inside using safe anti-stick substance, even if not for grease, but directly fried fish, eggs in the pan also does not occur chemical reactions.

Although there are disadvantages that cannot be used on the induction hob, the pan is designed to be deep, so it is suitable for stir-fries, deep-fried dishes such as fried fish, spring rolls. The cover attached to prevent grease from splashing out, ensuring safety when using, is also an attractive feature of the product.

Shine Non-Stick Bottom Pan From Infinity Shine (26cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 8

Low-Oil Teflon Saucepan Safe, Easy to Cook Many Dishes, Can Use With IH Stove

3-layer non-stick frying pan is designed to look like natural ceramic stone, which both conducts heat and sticks well, does not contain heavy metals, and PFOA, safe for your familys health. If you prefer low-fat cooking, this is the right product for you to prepare dishes with extremely diverse menus.

The outside of the pan is covered with 2 layers of Dutch heat-resistant Akzo-Blue non-stick paint, easy to clean after use. The double bottom is designed with a stainless steel plate surface, with round buttons evenly from the inside out, allowing it to be used on all types of stoves, including magnetic cookers, which is another plus point of the product!

Kangaroo 5D Kangaroo Nonstick Diamond Pan KG169M (28cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 9

5-layer Non-Stick Frying Pan With Cute Design, More Fun To Enter The Kitchen!

The highly appreciated feature of the product is the use of high-quality aluminum alloy material integrated with advanced 5-layer non-stick nanotechnology. With anti-stick coating technology, artificial diamonds and titanium help the pan surface spread heat and heat thoroughly, helping you cook food quickly and save more time!

In particular, this pan stands out with a cute yellow star-shaped pattern inside, giving you additional cooking pleasure. Not only will you fry easily with a lumpy honeycomb pan and a non-stick layer helps keep food from sticking to the pan, but you can also use it as a kitchen decoration when hung up when not in use there again.

Elmich Non-stick Bottom Frying Pan From Elmich Royal Classic EL-1189 (26cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 10

Modern European Style Pans Withstand 100,000 Times Sanding

This is a frying pan that can be used on an induction hob that is appreciated for its ability to withstand 100,000 sanding. The body of the pot is made of non-stick ceramic material coated with natural ceramic, which is safe for your health, allowing you to easily and quickly clean.

In particular, the product uses the bottom from Full Induction technology; the product catches the fast heat outstandingly and saves 30% of fuel consumption. Although it is a bit expensive compared to other products, but with many outstanding advantages and compact design, the dominant color exudes a luxurious, modern beauty, this will be a pan that will make homemakers comedy crush.

HappyCook Charm Non-Stick Frying Pan HappyCook CHP (28cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 11

Luxurious Pure Aluminum Pans Helps Absorb and Heat Evenly

The attractive feature of the product is the anti-stick surface of luxurious marble cream non-stick stick, adorn your kitchen. The outer surface is covered with rock veins, limiting oil adhesion, so it is easy to clean.

The pan is made of pure aluminum, 99.75% does not rust, absorbs heat quickly, spreads heat evenly, the food will cook evenly and faster, saving electricity and cooking time, suitable for dishes like eggs fried or delicious pancakes.

Sunhouse Non-Stick Frying Pan SBD28 (28cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 12

Thick, Pan-Coated Pan, Antibacterial Marble

The highlight of the product is that the entire pan and the outer surface are coated with marble pattern, which has antibacterial properties that are safe for health, good heat-catching ability, and good heat emission, durable. Size is also quite large, and stir-fry cook good food for large families.

In particular, 6 mm thick mouth pan helps minimize dented edges when being hit. Heat-resistant plastic handle, designed to make sure you can rest assured when used for a long time.

Sunhouse Nonstick Frying Pan CT26 (26cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 13

Cheap Frying Pan With Deep Frying Pan, Reasonable Thickness

With just over 100 thousand, you can own a non-stick pan with a deep pan, convenient for stir-frying, or even to cook when needed. A reasonable thickness of 2.4mm helps the product not be deformed under impact forces but still light and easy to move.

The pan is covered with 3 layers of non-stick Whitford for durability. The pan diameter of 26cm is suitable for processing a variety of dishes for 2-4 people. Outside of the pan is covered with heat-resistant paint, anti-dust, and grease for easy cleaning. If you want to find an economic frying pan for high performance, this is the right product.

Blacker Nonstick Frying Pan Blacker JJ24BL5 (24cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 14

Sturdy Pork Roll, Xylan Non-Stick Grade Hard Peeling

This is an aluminum alloy pan, which is rated by most customers as having a thickness of 3mm and quite nice. Notably, the safety panhandle is made of synthetic plastic resistant to flowing, able to withstand heat up to 180 degrees Celsius. The thumb position is covered with 304 stainless steel with good insulation to help users to hold more comfortably.

Frying pan uses Xylan non-stick according to the cold spray technique, making the non-stick layer difficult to peel off when using, and increasing the anti-sticking effect by 2 times. With a super low price of just over 5$, this will be a pan to meet the basic fried needs of your family.

Magnetic Lock & Lock Ceramic Non-Stick Pan -IH (24cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 15

Ultra-Light Frying Pan With 500 ° Ceramic Bottom Cover, Can Use 1 Hand!

The remarkable feature of the product is that the inside surface of the pan is covered with 2 layers of non-stick porcelain, good for 500 degrees. The pan is made of aluminum, so it is very light with silicon wrap, easy to handle when cooking. If you intend to make stir-fries such as spaghetti, vermicelli, or fried noodles with one hand, this will be the right product.

Your kitchen will become fresher with a pretty pop design, lovely and eye-catching tones, the ivory layer inside will also help the dish become more attractive. This is a special version with a bright silver bottom (IH), so it can be used on magnetic cookers and all other types of stoves, please carefully observe to avoid confusion with LED 2243 version with black bottom.

FiveStar Non-Stick Induction Pan (28cm)

The 10 best nonstick pans 2020 16

Stainless Steel Frying Pan With Large Frying Pan For Every Kitchen, Grained Surfaces Save Oil!

An attractive feature of the product is the rough texture, which helps to ensure the optimal frying pan, which can fry oily meat like baking. A pan with a depth of 6.5 cm and a width of 28 cm is also suitable for you to cook a lot of food for a large family. In particular, the product has a beautiful stainless steel layer, just easy to clean again!

In addition, the 3-layer pan bottom design features magnetism, fast heat gain, and even heat conduction, non-stick and less oxidized, safe to use. Therefore, the pan can be used on both gas stoves, infrared cookers and induction cookers, convenient even if you intend to move house or reform the stove.

How do you feel about our popular non-stick pan product rating? There are many different types, from affordable products to expensive products that can be used for a long time, but it is essential to focus on the ease of use. While comparing the factors of weight, size, material, etc. choose the appropriate non-stick pan for you to use in the most comfortable way!

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